“Netflix money is not money”: Why Does Reed Hastings Not Want His Company’s Money?

“Netflix money is not money”: Why Does Reed Hastings Not Want His Company’s Money?

Co-founder and co-chief executive officer (CEO) of Netflix, Reed Hastings is a social reformer by heart as he devoted his life to making this world a better place. It is Reed’s belief that education can transform everything if we have enough schools and facilities for underprivileged children. Being a businessman he has always embraced new ideas while keeping a balance with his contribution to the education field. However, Reed and his wife’s donation to HBCU created upheaval in the media. When people asked questions about Netflix’s dropping bar. 

Netflix chairman Reed Hastings has always kept education as his priority

The philanthropist Hastings has been working for underserved communities for the last 17 years. And is also a board member of the KIPP (Knowledge is Power Program) Foundation. Also, their donation to HBCU is evidence that the couple truly wants to make a difference through education. And this dedication to education has a long-standing history as he was a math teacher in the Peace Corps in Eswatini. So he understood the value of building a unified society where people help each other as he did by giving many secret donations to the needful. 

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In his interview with Hollywood Reporter, Hastings revealed the reason behind such a massive donation to UNCF and HBCUs. He said that they want equal education opportunities for everyone whether it is a white kid or black. Because breaking that line of segregation is important, let children grow in a free environment where they all can be smart people. 

King streamer has been facing a massive breakdown in subscribers 

Reed has always kept transparency in things that’s how Netflix turned from a DVD service into a Hollywood behemoth. Reed accepted Netflix is facing a hard time and that they are going to take the advertising option. With Netflix losing 200,000 subscribers Hollywood Reporter asked Hastings if he would like to connect both his professionals. To which he denied saying he would never mix things up. 

“I have this classic view, which is, Netflix money is not my money”. 

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Furthermore, Hollywood Reporter asked him another question: “It’s interesting that you call yourself an evolutionary, because Netflix and you have been perceived as revolutionary. So why not, “Let’s blow this system up“?

To which Hastings replied battling with this ever flowing entertainment industry is much easier than balancing the education system. Because education is a government thing which is much bigger and slower to process changes. That’s why he keep his focus on public education before anything else. 

What do you think about his vision?

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