Lili Reinhart Starrer ‘Look Both Ways’ Coming On Netflix Is An “Incredible story about women’s resilience”

Lili Reinhart Starrer ‘Look Both Ways’ Coming On Netflix Is An “Incredible story about women’s resilience”

Netflix is partnering with award-winning director Wanuri Kahiu for the upcoming, Look Both Ways. With the After franchise star Lili Reinhart, the director is bringing the fine on this August. Wanuri Kahiu became popular in an instant after the release of Rafiki, the movie that brought her many honors including awards at the Dublin International Film Festival and Chicago International Film Festival. Let’s get into the details about what we can expect from this upcoming movie.

Netflix Original Look Both Ways was an all-in deal for the renowned director Wanuri Kahiu

In a conversation with Global Globes, Wanuri stated that the story of two different worlds attracted her. She loved the way how a young mother is trying to find a balance between her workplace and passion. Whereas in the parallel world, this young artist is struggling to get a head start in the industry. All this while portraying how difficult it is for young women to achieve things in this world.

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“On both sides, it is about women striving for excellence and that is what drew me to it,” said Wanuri Kahiu.

Moreover, Wanuri was fascinated by the thought that women are striving to find their identities. Whether it’s motherhood or any artistic profession, they have faced many problems. This is why she chose this project to direct, as being a woman herself she can understand that perspective.

Aside from Look Both Ways, Wanuri is also working on another project involving Stranger Things and Enola Holmes fame Millie Bobby Brown with Netflix, titled The Thing About Jellyfish.

Look Both Ways cast and plot

It seems the movie has a long list of developers and contributors including April Prosser as a screenwriter. Also, Bryan Unkeless, Eric Newman, and Jessica Malanaphy have signed as producers of the movie. Meanwhile, Netflix has announced the release date: The movie will premiere globally on August 17, 2022.

Moving to the plot, we are going to see Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart in the image of Natalie. Natalie is a newly graduated, who finds herself on her way to two different realities. One path goes towards motherhood and the other put her in Los Angeles, where she pursues her dreams. This movie is a romantic comedy filled with challenging yet exciting paths of life where a woman gets to discover her true inner self. The other cast members are Danny Ramirez, Luke Wilson, David Corenswet, Nia Long, Andrea Savage, Taylor Murph, and Aisha Dae.

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