Fan Made Art Showing Eddie Munson Graduating Will Even Melt an Ice-Cold Heart

Fan Made Art Showing Eddie Munson Graduating Will Even Melt an Ice-Cold Heart

Spoiler Alert: Stranger things 4 spoilers ahead! No matter how many of our favorite shows and movies use the trope of killing beloved characters, it is always going to hurt! Even Netflix’s beloved Stranger Things is not a ‘stranger’ to this narrative device. This, of course, is a reference to the tragic loss of Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) in the latest season.

The audience is whole-heartedly invested in the world-building, storyline, and journey of the characters. That’s the brilliance of great films and series like Stranger Things. From arguing about the characters to fan fiction and even amazing artwork. Viewers express their love in many forms. A fan recently took to Twitter and immortalized Eddie Munson’s character through art. We are not crying, you’re crying!

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Eddie Munson kept alive in the Real World

Despite his death in the show, Munson’s character remains alive in the hearts of millions of fans. @modsisawesome, one such Stranger Things enthusiast, created three lovely illustrations that show Eddie graduating. In two of the pictures, he is all smiling with the rest of the crew in classic convocation poses. Additionally, there is a polaroid solo shot of Eddie in his signature heavy metal avatar with the caption, ‘86 BABY. Classic Munson adorning a cap and gown!

Twitter users gushed over the artwork and showered the artist with a lot of love. The speculated graduation scenario portrayed in the graphics made fans extremely emotional. From pondering over ‘what could’ve been’ to declaring the scene as cannon, supporters of the show had an array of heart-warming reactions.

Eddie’s Sacrifice in Stranger Things

The quirky Metal Head and Hawkins High’s D&D club leader, Eddie Munson, was part of the show for only one season. However, this in no way means that his character did not make an impact. In fact, he added a certain lightness, nuance, and substance to the show. In season 4, Chrissy’s horrifying death at his trailer forced Eddie to flee from Hawkins and take refuge at his drug dealer’s house.

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Despite his initial cowardice (debatable), he returns to the action and the plan to destroy Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower). His character has some amazing moments in the finale titled ‘The Piggyback’. Also, who can forget his awesome guitar solo on Metallica’s Master of Puppets?

Regardless, nothing takes away from his unfortunate and possibly unnecessary demise.I didn’t run away this time, right?” His last words as he breathes his last in Dustin’s arms will forever remain in the minds of the audience. Avid supporters of the show hope that the Duffer Brothers just might find a way to bring Eddie back in season 5.

Whether or not Eddie comes back, we should be grateful to all the artists out there who keep him alive through their work. A fan can dream, right? Perhaps they can will it into existence! Tell us your predictions for the upcoming season 5.

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