‘The Girl in the Picture’ Makes People Sick As They Stream The Horrifying True Crime Documentary On Netflix

‘The Girl in the Picture’ Makes People Sick As They Stream The Horrifying True Crime Documentary On Netflix

True-crime Netflix documentary Girl in the Picture exposes one of the most harrowing stories in the world. American director Skye Borgman brought this frightening saga entangled in mysteries on-screen. The movie traces the life of Sharon Marshall and her repugnant stepfather, Franklin Floyd. The story of a 20-year-old mother found severely wounded on the road of Oklahoma is brought to light in the documentary. Netflix launched this grim subject matter on the platform that flustered viewers’ souls.

The revelation of the long-standing past took over people’s minds instantly. Because we usually hear about such gut-wrenching stories in fiction only, but a true evil living under the skin of a human was something unimaginable. And fans are freaking out on social media after discovering this bizarre truth about Suzanne’s life.

Netflix Original Girl in the Picture is once-in-a-lifetime story of horror

Girl in the Picture is the unflinching story of exploitation and vices described in 102 minutes. The horrors of Suzanne Sevakis’s life inspired a journalist, Matt Birkbeck, to start investigating this case in 2002. As Matt takes every step toward Tonya Hughes’ case, it is revealed this is a false name. Meanwhile, her real identity has been hidden since her childhood when Franklin abducted her. And they both have lived under different aliases all these years.

Moreover, the man (Clarence Hughes) who claimed to be her husband was actually her father. He abused Suzanne all these years and later used her as a source of income. She had to work in an exotic dancing bar to provide for her first kid Michael. Following a life of abuse and dread for 20 years, she finally sank into a forever silence. However, Matt came like an angel, who discovered her suffocating life and death to the world.

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This story captured by Skye Borgman has fans absolutely horror-stricken and angered after watching the documentary.

Twitterati scarred after learning about Suzanne’s story

Fans have felt the pain this young girl had to endure for so many years, with her only escape being death in the end. Let’s dive deeper into how this story shook the subscribers of the streaming giant.

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Fans are heartbroken that Suzanne died a brutal death after all those years of pain and trauma.

Go catch a glimpse of Girl in the Picture streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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