Who Is the ‘Girl in the Picture’ and What Is the Nightmarish Mystery in the Netflix True-Crime Documentary

Who Is the ‘Girl in the Picture’ and What Is the Nightmarish Mystery in the Netflix True-Crime Documentary

One of the most popular content out of all the Netflix Originals is its true-crime documentary series. That’s probably why the streaming service has a new one releasing at least once every month. And to be honest, they are actually great. All of the docu-series are made in an extremely well-structured way with hard real-life evidence to support every claim. And now, for the month of July, Netflix has another great series, Girl in The Picture, for its viewers.

The movie is a mystery spanning over three long decades and makes up for a pretty compelling watch. Let us take a look at what the documentary film is about.

What is Girl in The Picture about?

Girl in the Picture is the latest jaw-dropping documentary to arrive on Netflix’s global streaming platform this summer.

Girl in the Picture investigates Sharon Marshall’s true identity. The documentary will uncover unsettling new layers to the crime, beginning with a lady dying on the side of the road, leaving behind a son, a guy claiming to be her husband, and an odd turn in the case.

Franklin Floyd, as previously stated, was a fugitive for nearly a decade. He had a history of violence, and according to the trailer, he stole at least one bank.

Sharon Marshall, his daughter, was a studious young lady who aspired to be an aerospace engineer and attend Georgia Tech, but suddenly she became pregnant, and everything changed rapidly. The documentary will go into detail about the entire story.

Skye Borgman, the director of Netflix’s true-crime successes Abducted in Plain Sight and Dead Asleep, helmed Girl in the Picture.

When is the documentary releasing on Netflix?

Girl in the Picture will be available on Netflix globally on Wednesday, July 6.

True-crime fans will be able to see the complete documentary film on the streaming platform beginning at 3 a.m. ET/8 a.m. BST.

For those who want more of the thrilling case, there is a podcast accompanying the film. The film’s five-part podcast, similarly named Girl in the Picture, is part of the You Can’t Make This Up podcast series.

You can listen to the product on any of your preferred streaming services.

Will you be streaming the documentary on July 6? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

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