EXPLAINED: Why the Netflix #1 Romance, ‘Purple Hearts’ Is Under Ugly Controversy

EXPLAINED: Why the Netflix #1 Romance, ‘Purple Hearts’ Is Under Ugly Controversy

All art in this world is subjective, meaning everyone interprets their own meaning from a work of art. It is challenging to make a work of art that pleases all cause all look at it differently. And since cinema is a mode of art it is also prone to subjectiveness and being taken in a matter that wasn’t intended. The newest film that has become the talk of the town due to multiple interpretations is Netflix’s hit romantic film Purple Hearts.

Purple Hearts is your everyday romantic film where two opposing lovers meet and fall in love. However, unlike millions of other films, this Netflix Orignal has recently started to make news for its supposed political plot. Let us check for what reasons is the film in the news.

What is the controversy around Purple Hearts?

The film, which premiered on July 29, has amassed over 100 million hours of viewing in one week alone, and over 150 million hours since its release. However, since the movie started streaming on the service, many people have called it out for its controversial plot and characters.

Purple Hearts has been extensively criticized in the three weeks following its debut as propaganda for the military and even the “MAGA” movement. Many people who watched the film also did not like the main character of the film, the desperate Marine, Luke. Numerous viewers have also pointed out the fact that the film has some prejudiced dialogues.

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Despite getting caught up in the controversy, the film is doing exceedingly well on Netflix. There also have been talks for a sequel, but nothing is finalized as of now. And as for the controversy, the film’s main lead Sofia Carson who thanks Lady Gaga for the role, mentioned how she felt proud of the film and defended it. Even the film’s director Elizabeth supported her film by saying they tried to represent both sides as accurately as possible.

The film is a great watch among its lovers with worthy moments that will make you feel wholesome and warmhearted. However, the controversy continues, and many people still believe that the film is misogynistic.

What do you guys think about the film? Let us know in the comments. Stream the film on Netflix and make a judgment for yourself.

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