Disgustingly Horrifying ‘Resident Evil’ Moments Shared by Netflix Will Spook You for Nights

Disgustingly Horrifying ‘Resident Evil’ Moments Shared by Netflix Will Spook You for Nights

Resident Evil is taking over the Netflix charts. Despite some initial apprehensions about the show, fans are pleasantly surprised with what the show has to offer. Well, it’s a win for Netflix, who had hit it big just recently with Stranger Things season 4. The streamer has recently unveiled a montage of clips that pays homage to the horrifying moments on the show. 

Horrifying moments from Resident Evil on Netflix

The YouTube video lays out all the WTF moments from Resident Evil, and trust us when we say they are aplenty. It was even too much for Jade Wesker when she found the woman’s infected husband handcuffed in the bathroom beside a bathtub filled with rotten flesh. If there’s anything worse than a Licker, it is getting peed on in college, but according to Jade’s friend, that’s just funny.

In the next scene, a giant worm lets out a terrible cry before pursuing Jade. Yikes!

If you have found an answer to why Evely Marcus is doing yoga with a goat on her back, please let us know. Jade mirrors our expression when Evelyn just starts shaking her leg to Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now. 

A Licker sticks out its meter-long tongue at Jade, and she runs for her life, as would we. Richard Baxter visits the old lady housing her zombie husband. But instead of getting to use her bathroom, he only gets cat hair in his mouth. The chances of him getting Diphtheria is higher than turning into a zombie now. 

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Evelyn cutting the rat’s neck off with a scissor is probably the sickest scene in the entire series. A girl has hallucinations of turning into a zombie in the bathroom. And then it gets worse as a giant spider hunts the gang. It’s always the SPIDERS

Young Jade and Billie see a disturbing video of an infected person with a protruding eye on her back. Wait, it gets wackier as a gigantic crocodile emerges from the water body.  

If you love eyeless, slimy giant monsters and mutant viruses, stream Resident Evil on  Netflix now

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