The Licker vs Vecna, Netflix Pits ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Resident Evil’ Against Each Other for This Prize

The Licker vs Vecna, Netflix Pits ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Resident Evil’ Against Each Other for This Prize

Netflix is on cloud nine for two of its blockbusters are currently streaming all across the world. Both Stranger Things and Resident Evil have been at par with each other. Stranger Things is about a dreadful villain, Vecna, from the upside down trying to hunt down the entire township of Hawkins, while the latter is about Licker, a mutant version of zombies. Fans have been loving both the shows since their premiere, but in the long run, there’s always only one who can keep up. Let’s see which show has hit the fans harder.

So, when pitted against each other, which of the two shows will win? Stranger Things or Resident Evil?

Stranger Things’ Vecna vs Resident Evil’s Licker

Vecna, or the mind flayer, as it was when Stranger Things first aired in 2016, has continued to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. With totally unexpected plot twists, a spectacular line of cast, a series of horrendous heartwrenching deaths, and a brand new villain, fans find it harder to root for any other show but this. Vecna looks through you, gets hold of your darkest fears and haunts your mind to the point of no escape. Since we’re an entire season away from the endgame, we don’t yet know the extent of destruction he can actually reach.

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On the other hand, Licker is a dangerous mutation of the already dreadful zombies having much stronger fighting abilities than them. He’s a weapon made artificially in labs. What can be made can be destroyed. But its several-metres long tongue and sheer sensitive hearing can whip the attackers dead. But again, its pace and strength cannot be gauged either. We see the standard lickers gaining unprecedented potential over time, and no one knows what they will turn out to be.

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Nevertheless, Netflix fandom knows who’ll have the upper hand in this Battle of the Evils. Vecna turns other monsters to his comrades to create his army. He has been unstoppable. He is inescapable. With his moves that a human brain cannot anticipate but resign to, Stranger Things is going to be down the Top 10 anytime soon.

Feel free to let us know who you think will make it to the top. We’re all ears!

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