Did Ryan Reynolds Just Tease a Multiverse Crossover in ‘Deadpool 3’?

Did Ryan Reynolds Just Tease a Multiverse Crossover in ‘Deadpool 3’?

The leading face of the Deadpool franchise Ryan Reynolds just teased a potential crossover in the Marvel Universe. We all know that the Multiverse saga has been the biggest hype among fans in the past years. Viewers already got a glimpse of its presence in the blockbuster films like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, these intertwined branches of different worlds still have infinite possibilities, we never explored. And the arrival of Deadpool 3 has confirmed that this concept will get a bigger multiverse story.

Recent reports have hinted that this threequel will dive deeper into the multiverse, making this storyline an integral part of the MCU.

Ryan Reynolds hinted at the existence of a Multiverse in Deadpool 3 

In a new video shared by Ryan Reynolds on Twitter, he talked about welcoming multiverse in the Deadpool franchise. In the promotional clip, the actor seemed to hint at a new casting in Deadpool 3. He joked about his fellow star Rob Delaney and whether he will reprise as Peter once again or not.

While he showed true excitement towards the concept of the Multiverse and how it will be interpreted in the film. According to him, the creators will make this journey more thrilling with this creative addition to the storyline.

And if you remember Hugh Jackman, who is returning as Wolverine in the MCU’s first-ever R-rated romp, also talked about it. Last December, speaking with Radio Andy on SiriusXM, the Logan star suggested that they would use time travel to hop between universes.

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Multiverse set to shine out in the Deadpool 3

According to the small hints the Deadpool actors and creators have been throwing for a while now, it is believed the multiverse will make a splashing debut in this franchise. The movie is set to explore a new dynamic with the iconic MCU character Wolverine.

Not to forget, the MCU veteran Patrick Stewart has also teased his comeback in Deadpool 3. Following his return to the superhero film Doctor Strange 2, the actor might continue his journey through this multiverse plot. As of now, the details of the storyline will be kept discreet until the beginning of the promotional tour later this year. But the involvement of the Time Variance Authority in this project gives major hope to this concept.

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