7 Marvel Comic Storylines That Would Serve as Perfect Script for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s ‘Deadpool 3’

7 Marvel Comic Storylines That Would Serve as Perfect Script for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s ‘Deadpool 3’

Wade Wilson, also known as Deadpool, has become a fan-favorite character. The fourth wall breaking, his shenanigans, and his weird approach to the characters have made him an interesting character over the years. Since his first appearance in the X-Men film, Deadpool has become one of the favorite anti-heroes of people. With Ryan Reynolds coming up with Deadpool 3, fans can not wait to see the more adventurous story.

Although the third installment of the movie will see Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Wolverine. However, there is very little information known about the plot of the film. But Jackman once revealed a crucial detail about the timeline of Wolverine. So, now fans are indeed eager to know what will happen in the upcoming film. In the comic books, the Merc with a Mouth has appeared in several storylines. Now, with the unknown plot of the film, here are the 7 storylines that can be used in Deadpool 3.

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Ryan Reynolds can use these plots in Deadpool 3 from the comic books

The titular character has crossed his paths in many of the comic book stories. Inspired by the Gamerant, here are the 7 comic storylines the fans might see in the upcoming Deadpool movie.

Deadpool and Wolverine vs Werewolves

If you’ve watched the X-Men series, you would know the entire series is a conflict between the Mutants and the human race. The humans aim to suppress and control the mutants. And therefore, the Mutants feel humans as a threat to their community. However, it is important to step away from seriousness.

In the Wolverine Annual 1999, Deadpool stands by Wolverine’s side to fight against the Werewolves. Despite there being a great amount of action in the series, it has some light and ridiculous moments, too. Therefore, this story would be great to adapt toto live-action.

Deadpool with Daken

Wolverine: The Origins sees Deadpool side against Wolverine once again. In this story, the Merc with a Mouth is to murder Wolverine. In his attempts to kill Wolverine, his hilarious trials are interesting. In one attempt, he even drops the piano on Wolverine. Wouldn’t a series of ridiculous attempts be amazing to see on screen?

The main thing about this story is Wolverine’s son, Daken, an underrated character who rarely crosses Deadpool’s way. This is one of those rare moments when these two meet. Just imagine having Wolverine, Daken, and the hilarious Deadpool in the same story! Yes, this is also an intriguing storyline to ever see in the cinematic canon.

Deadpool and his daughter

Although MCU has portrayed the relationships of characters with their parents. Mostly,Mostly, the parents are either absent or not healthy, emotionally or mentally. However, it will be an interesting sight to see Deadpool with his daughter, Eleanor. He could change the dimension of the parents-children relationship.

Although because of safety reasons, Eleanor isn’t living with her father. Yet, Deadpool isn’t afraid to take extreme actions to protect his daughter. Including Eleanor in Deadpool 3 might add a distinctive dimension to the character which is never seen in the previous films.

Zombies vs Deadpool

It is always thrilling to see zombies on the screen. Now, can you imagine our beloved Deadpool fighting them? Deadpool is always ready to take challenges, and this time he has to confront zombie presidents. Killing someone has never been Deadpool’s weakness. Therefore, here too, he confronts the zombies and kills them.

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In the upcoming Deadpool film, this vision of including zombies will provide a fun and thrilling experience to the viewers.

Deadpool and his Pans*xuality

Deadpool keeps on making s*exual references throughout the films. However, films might not have touched upon the truth, as per the comics, that Deadpool is pans*xual. Deadpool pursues multiple relationships with different women. Although the Merc with the Mouth also likes men, along with almost everyone who matched his taste.

After seeing glimpses of this side of the character in the previous films, this story will explore more about the character in depth. Including this aspect of the character would make the story more real. It will represent the actual world where LGBTQ+ relationships also exist.

Deadpool dates Rogue

In the comic books, Deadpool has a relationship with an evil character named Shiklah. They even have a baby named Warda. Unfortunately, the couple didn’t last, but it will certainly provide an interesting storyline to introduce Deadpool with another girlfriend.

Do you remember Rogue from the X-Men series? The one who possesses the power to drain the power of those whom she touches. If the Marvel Universe wants to reboot the character and reintroduce her, this could be their opportunity.

Introducing Rogue once again would bring the Wolverine in a different mood as well. However, these are just speculations; there might be an interesting angle here.

Deadpool time travels

Time traveling will not be a novel concept for the Marvel Universe. Many Marvel films are purely based on the concept of time traveling. However, Deadpool traveling through time would be something fans wouldn’t have seen on screen. Through his time traveling, Deadpool brought back the dinosaurs in the comics.

This storyline could work as a bridge between the stories as Deadpool also teams up with Spider-Man. Imagine Wolverine, Spider-Man, and Deadpool appearing together in the film! As exciting as it sounds, this is just an imaginative scenario.

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Along with these potential stories from the comic books, the possibilities of bringing in the Lady Deadpool, Deadpool marrying a Vampire Queen, Deadpool and Spider-Man becoming friends, and so forth can’t be ignored.

Until we get official plot details for Deadpool 3, what are your creative thoughts about it? What could be a possible plot for the third and the last installment of the Deadpool film? Feel free to share your wild imaginations with us in the comment box below.

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