Did Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool 2’ Slyly Reference Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’?

Did Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool 2’ Slyly Reference Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Sandman’?

While some purists might vote against it, a Marvel and DC crossover is a dream for most who belong to the Freaks and Geeks club. Granted, the chances of this actually happening are infinitesimal, but it doesn’t stop the fans from speculating. And by the looks of it, the fans have actually manifested their wish. Apparently, Marvel’s Deadpool 2, with Ryan Reynolds in the lead, features a very popular DC artifact. 

For those familiar with the Deadpool character, this reference to DC might be less of an homage and more of a taunt. Nevertheless, the more important question remains, what exactly is the DC insignia in the Marvel movie, and to whom does it belong? Let us find out.

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Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds sneaks in a nod to The Sandman

Nothing gets past eagle-eyed fans of pop culture. They consider their birthright to re-read and re-watch a piece of content multiple times and scout all the hidden Easter eggs. More often than not, they find all the shrouded gems. In a heartbreaking scene from Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds, Reddit users spotted a helm belonging to Morpheus AKA The Sandman.

In Deadpool 2, the dream/near death sequences reference the Dreaming from Sandman (Neil Gaiman) from MovieDetails

Also dubbed Merc with a Mouth, Marvel’s Deadpool is a fast-talking, fourth-wall-breaking goof with supernatural regenerative powers. In the film’s sequel, Ryan’s character Wade AKA Deadpool is heartbroken by the murder of his fiancee, Vanessa. All he wants to do is kill himself and rejoin his love in the afterlife. Alas, his quick regeneration makes it almost impossible for him to die.

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He comes close once when he swims his way through the abyss and sees Vanessa in the afterlife version of their apartment where she was killed. However, an invisible wall separates them and he cannot be with her. It is in this scene that the fans noticed a barely visible totem perched by the window. It looks almost identical to Dream’s helm, his symbol of office from The Sandman.

While the mask-like artifact doesn’t have powers, it symbolizes the Lord of Dreams. Fans theorize Deadpool has probably entered The Dreaming realm. But since he isn’t dead yet, he cannot touch his deceased fiancee Vanessa. Perhaps if Wade was in touch with the Dream Vortex, she could’ve probably united them like Hector and Lyta Hall.

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What do you think Morpheus’ helm symbolizes in Deadpool 2? Is it an Easter egg or an attempt at a parody? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, you can watch The Sandman streaming on Netflix.

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