“It is like a weird therapy session”: Why Did Ryan Reynolds Call Playing Deadpool a Weird Process?

“It is like a weird therapy session”: Why Did Ryan Reynolds Call Playing Deadpool a Weird Process?

Over the past couple of years, Ryan Reynolds has starred in several sell-out movies. From playing Nolan Booth in Red Notice to playing the blue shirt guy in Free Guy, Reynolds has completely owned these roles. He is a versatile actor, and his style of acting makes every role he plays memorable.

However, one of Ryan’s most iconic roles is his role in the Action/Adventure movie Deadpool. Surprisingly, Ryan has a completely different outlook toward the fan-favourite character. In an interview, Ryan recalled his experience, and it seemed like he had a strange time playing the role.

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

Deadpool was not only a triumph for Ryan Reynolds, but it also was a major success for American filmmaker Tim Miller. However, Reynolds described the role of Deadpool peculiarly. In an interview with heatworld, he labelled his experience of playing the role of Deadpool as a “Weird therapy session”. Reynolds revealed in the interview the fun he had while shooting the scenes in Deadpool and also mentioned how he loved the Easter egg they left throughout the movie, calling it ‘exercising demons’.


Deadpool, which first made its way to our screens on February 12, 2016, received a wonderful reaction from the audience. Compared to other movies, Deadpool was an honest version of a superhero, simply pointing out the silliness in comic books. With the film, Ryan Reynolds made his mark among the public consciousness, and his previous failures were somewhat overlooked.

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Moreover, after Deadpool, Reynolds got to witness the taste of commercial success. The movie also won the MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Fight in 2016. Furthermore, we are awaiting the third installment of the movie franchise.

Upcoming Deadpool Movie

In an interview, when asked about the chances of another sequel to the Deadpool franchise, Reynolds replied: “Probably pretty damn good. I’d say 70%.” He was right. There is another sequel in the works, Deadpool 3. Unfortunately, we have no official release date or filming updates for part 3. Although it seems like Marvel is doing their best to bring the Merc with the mouth into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

However, Ryan revealed the filming is likely to begin in early 2023.

As of now, there is no update on the third part for Deadpool, so we will have to wait on that. Till then, let us know your favourite dialogues from Deadpool.

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