The Merc With Mouth is Finally Training as Ryan Reynolds Begins Preparing For Third Outing as Deadpool

The Merc With Mouth is Finally Training as Ryan Reynolds Begins Preparing For Third Outing as Deadpool

Behold! The fifth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is now unveiled. Back in July, the American media franchise revealed not only the footage of some upcoming movies but an entire slate of all the TV shows and movies in the following years. Yes, they indeed went big at San Diego comic con. Among many other titles such as The Marvels and Loki season two, fans are highly excited for Deadpool 3. Not only because they will get more of Ryan Reynolds but also because the Merc with Mouth has landed at MCU for the very first time.

Further, writers also confirmed that MCU’s first R-rated movie won’t get ‘disneyfied’. This again came as delightful news to each one of the Marvel fans. Everything about the movie is kept under wraps and we still haven’t got the official synopsis. However, we do have some good news for you: Dono Saladino has started to cast his charm on Deadpool’s heart and soul, Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds has started training for MCU’s most anticipated ‘Deadpool 3’

While The Adam Project actor is natural at breaking the fourth wall for humorous effects, he has now started to sharpen his already irresistible physique with Dono Saladino. Saladino, who is known for transforming actors into superheroes through their bodily appearance, updated fans on Instagram about Reynolds training as Wade Wilson. He posted a picture standing alongside the Deadpool actor and captioned it, “And so it begins,” indicating that the superhero journey has begun.

With Marvel Studios intending to bring forth its upcoming titles in mid-February 2024 and mid-February 2025, it is safe to speculate that we could get to see Reynolds as the intriguing antihero on either of the above-mentioned ranges. It is also notable that Marvel boss Kevin Feige didn’t open up about the movie during his San Diego presentation. However, seeing Reynolds gearing up for the movie, it won’t be long before MCU updates fans about the movie. It might as well happen at the D23 Expo where Marvel is to present its next slate of titles.

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Till then, stay tuned with us as we bring to you all the little details about your favorite actor. And also everything that’s going on behind the scenes of Deadpool 3. Are you excited about this Marvel superhero movie? Do let us know in the comments below.

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