“Certain things you can’t fake”: Julia Garner Shares Why She Wanted to Shoot Ruth Langmore’s Death Scene as Her Final One in Ozark

“Certain things you can’t fake”: Julia Garner Shares Why She Wanted to Shoot Ruth Langmore’s Death Scene as Her Final One in Ozark

It has been months since Ozark finally ended, but we still can’t stop thinking about the show. That’s how powerful the series and especially the ending was. Over the course of four beautiful seasons, a lot of people died. But no death comes even close to the death of Ruth Langmore. Ruth’s death was not just the last major death in the show but also the last scene that was ever shot in the great series of Ozark.

And it could’ve all been a poetic coincidence, but that’s not what happened. In fact, Julia Garner insisted it to be the last scene she ever shot for Ozark.

If you want to find out why Ruth’s death was Julia Garner’s last scene ever. Then read along.

Julia Garner wanted to shoot Ruth’s death as her last scene in Ozark

It looks like even Netflix isn’t over the fact that Ozark has ended. That’s probably why they gave the audiences an insightful panel interview with the cast of Ozark, including the show’s architect Chris Mundy, show cinematographer, among others, hosted by Jimmy Kimmel.

The interview answered a lot of the questions that the fans had, including an Ozark movie and what the Byrde family did after the screens went black.

Among millions of other things, we also got to know that Ruth Langmore’s death scene was the last scene shot for the show. Even though it as the last scene for the show was never planned, Julia actually wanted to be it her last scene for the series.

When Jimmy questioned why she had such a request, the Inventing Anna star said that she felt it was the best decision for her role. And that while shooting that scene, she felt she wasn’t acting at all, “certain things you can’t fake,” said Julia Garner.

She then went on to say that before filming the scene, all four seasons flashed before her eyes as if it all was happening in reality.

Even the host Jimmy Kimmel agreed with the decision saying, “it makes perfect sense.”

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Ruth’s death did give us all a huge shock and left us with a bitter aftertaste. And it is obvious how good Julia was in that scene. So her decision indeed had its benefits.

Do you guys agree with Julia’s decision? Let us know what you guys think in the comments. Relive Julia’s amazing acting in the entire Ozark series by streaming it on Netflix.

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