“They went to…”: Chris Mundy Demystifies What Byrde Family Did After the Screens Went Black in ‘Ozark’

“They went to…”: Chris Mundy Demystifies What Byrde Family Did After the Screens Went Black in ‘Ozark’

Weeks and days have gone by, and yet Ozark fans are still debating over the ambiguous ending. Going in, we expected deaths and feared for their favorite’s fates, but we didn’t see an open ending heading our way. The abrupt ending posed a big question for fans: Did Mel die? 

The Emmy award-winning series provided a dramatic turn for Jason Bateman and put Julia Garner in the spotlight. The series is one of Netflix’s best original offerings on the platform. It follows a crime family that gets involved with a cartel. And obviously, things start going south pretty soon for the family. 

Chris Mundy says Mel got the bullet for sure in the Ozark finale

For the unaware, Ozark ended with Jonah coming out with a gun. We don’t see who he shoots at because the scene immediately cuts to black and we only hear a gunshot and the cookie jar breaking. 

Creator Chris Mundy, however, begs to differ that the ending was abrupt. Instead, he thinks it’s very obvious that Jonah shot Mel. The private investigator had come to the Byrdes to find Ben’s ashes in the jar and blackmail them. Mundy put the debates to the rest as he said that the entire family went to the crematorium after Jonah shot Mel. 

Jason also piped in, “It was probably a buckshot too, so the cookie jar went down as well.” 

Previously Jonah actor, Skylar Gaertner had made a similar statement. He felt his character had the intention to kill Mel. But he also added that he could have changed his mind and shot his parents for the suffering. 

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Julia Garner enjoyed cursing 

After the climax scene, the topic of discussion became Ruth Langmore’s many memorable and iconic lines in the drama. Cunning and brave, Ruth never minced her words and had no problem cursing those who wronged her. Julia Garner admitted that she enjoyed saying profanities, “but I also get nervous there has to be a certain rhythm otherwise it’s not funny.”

Have you watched it yet? What do you think about the ending?

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