What Will ‘Ozark’ Stars Jason Bateman And Julia Garner Miss The Most About Their Characters?

What Will ‘Ozark’ Stars Jason Bateman And Julia Garner Miss The Most About Their Characters?

Saying goodbye to our favorite parts of life is not so easy! Likewise, it is difficult for all the cast members of the criminal drama Ozark, including Julia Garner and Jason Bateman. As they have been working for the last five years on the show, it became a routine of their lives, and now they have to leave it behind. So, it is obvious that they miss something about the whole show. What do you think Bateman and Garner miss the most about their characters?

The backstage fun on the Ozark set will be only a memory from now on for cast members

Apart from taking part in a show or movie as a character, actors have so much ongoing behind the stage. A series is a group of dedicated people who give their time and energy to entertain the audience. Recently, we saw Julia Garner and Jason Bateman expressing their thoughts about the show that is going off-air in season 4. In their conversation with Extra’s Rachel Lindsay at an FYC event, Jason and Julia revealed to the anchor that they will definitely miss the offstage fun, people, settings, and everything else that connects them to the show. 

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Julia said that she would most likely miss her character, Ruth, who is an independent woman with a criminal mind. And it’s been an adventurous experience for Julia to live that layered character of Langmore for such a long span. Moreover, she will miss the bustling days of shooting like meeting the whole cast for new seasons. She will miss that energy and environment that is exhibited in Ozark. 

In addition, Jason Bateman portrayed the character of Marty Byrde and said that this show has been a lovely journey. Ozark’s team is family to him and he would love to continue working with them if he gets the opportunity. So the cast members of Ozark certainly built a heart-to-heart connection that they will keep stored in their memories forever. Likewise, viewers will always remember these two main characters of the unpredictable crime drama. Catch all seasons of Ozark on Netflix.

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