What Happened After the Final Fade-Out in ‘Ozark’ Ending? Skylar Gaertner Explains Whom Jonah Shot – Mel Sattam, Wendy Byrde, or the Cookie Jar?

What Happened After the Final Fade-Out in ‘Ozark’ Ending? Skylar Gaertner Explains Whom Jonah Shot – Mel Sattam, Wendy Byrde, or the Cookie Jar?

Ozark might have ended but the memories it left has turned the show into a legacy. Fans loved the show for its character development, and the connection they felt with each one character. Their idiosyncrasies still keep fans wondering about what went into their heads towards the end of the show. While the Ozark ending has received widespread acclaim, the cliffhanger (concerning Jonah ) has left fans without an answer.

What happened in the Ozark ending scene?

The final scene ended with Jonah shooting at something followed by a blackout. The only thing heard was the sound of the cookie jar breaking. It’s the same cookie jar that holds Ben’s ashes and is an important piece of evidence of his death. The sound of it breaking naturally leads fans into thinking he shot the jar, but the jar was behind Mel, so there is a possibility of the bullet having pierced through him to reach the jar.

The other two people in the room were Marty and Wendy, so they could be Jonah’s victims too. Jonah could have struck a realization of the evil in his parents and decided to shoot them. Or his exposure to crime as a kid gave him the strength to protect his parents in need, leading him to shoot Mel.

Skylar Gaertner aka Jonah reveals who he shot

In an interview with the New York Post, Skylar was asked if he knew of the ending beforehand, and who Jonah killed. Talking about the ending bit, Skylar said, “Jonah’s character arc does seem to set him(Mel) up for the tragic ending of fully embracing the horrors of this life that he couldn’t escape. At the very least, I believe it is Jonah’s intent to shoot Mel when he walks out with the shotgun.” 

He also said you can never know what was in Jonah’s headspace when it comes to his parents. They were responsible for so much of the grief that Jonah faced in Ozark and there was no guarantee of their recklessness stopping in the future. So he could’ve gone for them.

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As a final note, the actor concluded by saying, “I kind of like the idea of Jonah deciding it would be sufficient to shoot the cookie jar and destroy the evidence.” He could’ve shot them both at the same time as Mel and the cookie jar would both get buried and with it the evidence of Ben’s murder.

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Do you think Jonah stuck to his family and killed Mel? If you’re feeling nostalgic about Ozark, check Netflix to find similar shows, or watch Ozark again.

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