After Netflix’s ‘Ozark’ Jason Bateman Stars in Another Major Streamer’s New Project

After Netflix’s ‘Ozark’ Jason Bateman Stars in Another Major Streamer’s New Project

Its been almost two months since the whole world witnessed the unpredictable ending of Ozark. The crime drama series was one of the most popular Netflix Originals to date, and a huge part of the credit goes to the man Jason Bateman himself. Apart from starring as Marty in the series, Jason wrote and even directed a few episodes of the show. But after the show’s thrilling conclusion, the American actor took a short break.

And since April, there has been no news regarding any project that Jason might have picked until now. Finally, after enjoying the success of Ozark, Jason is ready to step back, but this time with another streamer.

Jason Bateman to star in a new series beside Ben Affleck

Bateman has been cast as one of several A-listers in Amazon’s unnamed Nike drama. Ben Affleck directs as well as stars in the project.

The movie shall tell the tale of how maverick trainer salesman Sonny Vaccaro founded the running shoe business Nike and signed Michael Jordan as its first big-name collaborator.

The rags-to-riches story, starring Matt Damon as Vaccaro, began filming earlier this week in Los Angeles, California. 

Rob Strasser, a veteran Nike executive and attorney-turned-branding-guru who handled the company’s marketing and message across all sports, will be played by Bateman. Strasser played a key role in Nike’s efforts to sign (and later promote) Jordan.

Alongside Bateman, Oscar winner Viola Davis has signed on to play Deloris Jordan. Deloris is the mother of Nike athlete and iconic basketball player Michael Jordan.

Chris Tucker will play Howard White, a former college basketball player at the University of Maryland. Tucker is popular for his Rush Hour series.

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Marlon Wayans, well known for his roles in White Chicks and Bel Air, will play George Raveling, who was the first Black coach in two conferences. Meanwhile, Chris Messina has been cast in the project, following the success of Starz drama Gaslit.

As the project is in its initial days, we do not have a release date as of now. But it is for sure that the movie will be available on Amazon Prime.

Meanwhile, if you crave some great performance by Jason Batemen, you can always re-watch the entire Ozark series on Netflix. Also, let us know if you guys are excited about the new outing by Jason or not.

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