‘Ozark’ Star Jason Bateman Lays Down What Marty Byrde and Family Is Up to After the Show’s End

‘Ozark’ Star Jason Bateman Lays Down What Marty Byrde and Family Is Up to After the Show’s End

Ozark ended in April, and yet fans are still conjuring theories regarding the crime family’s fate after the screen faded to black. The show was known for its crazy twists and unexpected deaths. It even ended in that very fashion, killing off a fan-favorite character and ending on an ambiguous note. After months now, in a recent event, the show’s star, Jason Bateman, who plays Marty Byrde on the show, shared his own theories concerning the family’s fate after the finale. 

The Byrdes had planned to move back to Chicago leaving behind the life of crime

In the first episode, we saw Marty strike a deal with the Navarro cartel that he would launder $500 million within a span of five years. He was forced to relocate his family to the bleak Missouri Ozarks from Chicago to do the Cartel’s bidding. He and Wendy were successful in running a casino with the help of Ruth Langmore.

But soon, Marty grew sick of living in constant fear and wanted to leave the life of crime. Interestingly, Omar Navarro wanted them to strike a deal with the FBI to fly back and forth between the US and Mexico. However, the FBI arrested him because they wanted him to take the fall for the crimes. 

With Omar and Javi out of the way (Ruth killed Javi), the last hurdle was Mel. But we saw Jonah take up the gun before the scene cut to black.

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Jason Bateman is doubtful of the Byrdes’ plan 

Jason Bateman thinks that the family is indeed following on their plan to move back to Chicago. 

But he added, “I don’t know if they get successful with that up in Chicago or not. My sense is that they’d probably continue to stumble because they think they’re a little bit smarter than they are and those people don’t fare too well.”

With no news of Ozark spin-offs being written, binge all the seasons of the show here

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