Jason Bateman Says Ozark Spinoff Will Have to “allow for ghosts” for It to Be Written

Jason Bateman Says Ozark Spinoff Will Have to “allow for ghosts” for It to Be Written

Ozark concluded weeks back, but even then viewers are still hung over the Byrdes. Fans are still hoping for a spin-off or even a movie. Well, that isn’t too much to ask for since Peaky Blinders creators are also working on a movie to give a proper farewell to the characters and their stories. But unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the creators are taking the same approach with Ozark. However, Jason Bateman shared how he’d like for the show to have a comeback. 

For a follow-up Ozark series, the writers will have to consider bringing in ghosts 

Too many favorite characters have died on the show, and on top of that list is Julia Garner‘s Ruth Langmore. So Jason noted that for an Ozark spin-off to work, “It would have to be something that would allow for ghosts because we’ve got a lot of them we’d want back.”

Langmore chips in that she would like for her character to have a Carrie-like comeback, with a hand popping out. 

Despite the jokes, Mundy confirmed they aren’t working on a follow-up script anymore. So, unfortunately, we aren’t getting any future Ozark-related projects. 

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Jason Bateman shuts down fans’ speculations regarding the ambiguous Ozark ending 

Ozark ended with Jonah arriving with a gun when Mel came to blackmail the family. Mundy didn’t show what happened after. Fans couldn’t stop speculating about the ambiguous ending. So Jason Bateman laid the speculations to rest, saying it was a “buckshot” so both Mel and the jar got the bullet. However, creator Chris Mundy is clear about Jonah shooting down Mel. He also insists that the ending was not ambiguous at all!

Moreover, he adds that the Byrdes family would run the Midwest five years after the series finale. Considering how ruthless and ambitious the Byrdes are, it’s safe to assume that they will have the power to influence the political climate as well. 

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