New ‘Ozark’ Fan Theory Hints at Wendy Bydre’s Death and Johan’s Flip, But Is There a Connection? FIND OUT

New ‘Ozark’ Fan Theory Hints at Wendy Bydre’s Death and Johan’s Flip, But Is There a Connection? FIND OUT

It’s almost going to be a month since the world witnessed the finale of Ozark. The world was stunned by all that happened in the show’s final episode and is still not recovering from it. The Byrde family emerged victorious in the final episode. They were left to live the rest of their days with the memory of what happened.

However, a new fan theory suggests that a single Byrde may not have come out alive after the black screen appears. But who? Let us see out of Marty, Wendy, Charlotte, and Jonah, who did not survive the brutal ending of Ozark.

Who dies in the ending of Ozark?

Before the credits played and Ozark ended, the screen went black, and there was a single gunshot. The popular assumption is that this was Jonah’s way of finally siding with his parents, probably by shooting Mel.

Could he, on the other hand, have shot his mother, Wendy, in a fit of rage?

On Reddit, user Tr2041 proposed the notion, saying, “Given that the screen flips to black before the gun is actually shot… it’s possible he shot Wendy or Marty.”

Explaining their theory, the user gave the rationale that in the final season, Wendy and Jonah’s relationship deteriorated beyond repair. “At no point did it seem like there was any reconciliation. In fact, after the accident, Jonah doesn’t go to Wendy like the rest of the family,” writes the user.

“In the last scene, maybe Jonah is reminded of what happened to his Uncle Ben and sees what has happened to the PI that was investigating his family,” the user continued, revealing the vital clue from the last showdown with Mel.

Instead of allowing Wendy to cause any more destruction, he kills her.”

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Given how shattered Jonah was by Ben’s death. It’s hardly surprising that the harsh reminder of his ashes made him snap. After all, he had emptied the gun through the house’s windows the first day he saw Ben’s ash at the house in a moment of wrath.

Do you think Jonah could’ve killed his mother in the finale of Ozark? Let us know your prediction for the show’s end.

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