“It’s not supposed to be ambiguous”: Chris Mundy Extinguishes All ‘Ozark’ Finale Ending Theories About Who Got the Shot

“It’s not supposed to be ambiguous”: Chris Mundy Extinguishes All ‘Ozark’ Finale Ending Theories About Who Got the Shot

Ozark had one of the best finales in the history of television. Right from the beginning, Ozark has never been afraid to kill off characters or show the darkest parts of human nature. And that is exactly what the writers did in the finale ending of Ozark. The final episode was full of deaths and betrayals. And even after weeks of the conclusion, people are still trying to absorb all the deaths.

However, one of the most crucial deaths at the end of Ozark seems to baffle people in terms of its legitimacy. But Chris Mundy has since come out and talked about it.

Let us see what the architect of the show had to say.

Chris Mundy on the finale ending of Ozark

Ozark’s ending was a certainty none of us wanted to face, but the finale had to come. Writers of the show have always felt that it had to have a definitive end. And they did put a lot of thought into it.

Just take Ruth’s death as an example. Chris, while discussing Ruth’s tragic end, says that it was something that was completely essential to her story and was heavily debated in the writer’s room.

And the finale was full of such deaths. But a death that many people feel did not happen was of Mel Sattem. So for those who do not know, Jonah is shown holding a gun to Mel in the finale.

But they never show him shooting Mel or the private investigator actually dying. This has led many viewers to believe that maybe Jonah did not shoot him.

However, Chris has since falsified all such allegations by saying, “No, no. Yeah, absolutely, it’s not supposed to be ambiguous in that way. It’s not. It’s supposed to be Mel got it. For sure, 100 percent.”

But why did they not show Mel dying?

Chris explained the reason viewers did not see Mel dying. His explanation was that if they showed Mel dying, it would have unnecessarily prolonged the scene beyond its importance.

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His argument was, “It’s just, we didn’t want to live in the aftermath of that violence for long. Then where do you go from there? At what point, then, do you take it through that act? Do you then go to the crematorium? What do you do? We didn’t want to wallow.”

What do you guys think about the Ozark’s finale? Did you like it? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on ““It’s not supposed to be ambiguous”: Chris Mundy Extinguishes All ‘Ozark’ Finale Ending Theories About Who Got the Shot

  1. Reply
    May 20, 2022 at 12:56 pm

    Most series ending are anticlimactic. Hard to please a huge ocean of fans. But in essence it was ok.

  2. Reply
    October 27, 2022 at 4:29 am

    My first thought when the screen went black was, “Oh, another Sopranos ending.” Despite was Chris says, the show did end on a highly ambiguous note. I also think it was pointless to write Ruth’s character to the end and then kill her with mere minutes left in the show. Disappointing end to an otherwise fantastic show. The ending left me feeling like I wasted my time watching the series.

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