“It is like a Greek tragedy”: Julia Garner on Predicting the Death of Ruth Langmore in Ozark

“It is like a Greek tragedy”: Julia Garner on Predicting the Death of Ruth Langmore in Ozark

One of the breakout stars of the Netflix Emmy-winning hit drama Ozark has to be Julia Garner. Julia proved to the world how great of an actress she was by portraying Ruth in the crime show. Her talents even landed her own tv series Inventing Anna. But what Julia did wth Ruth may never be re-created. It could ve been the time she spent with the character or her understanding of the role. But Julia completely mesmerized the audience with her portrayal of an ambitious 19-year-old.

And when it was her time to go, Julia predicted in advance without even the showrunner Mundy telling her so. Let us see how the actress predicted the death of one of the most hated yet loved characters from Ozark.

Julia Garner knew Ruth was going to die

Ozark ended with Ruth finally being freed from the world that she so desperately wanted to leave. However, in the farewell video that was released by Netflix which shows us how Ozark was filmed over the years. Julia and Chris Mundy released that Julia had already predicted Ruth’s death.

In the video, Julia retells the story of when Mundy called her to tell her the news that Ruth would be dying. However, even before Chris could deliver the unfortunate news, Julia predicted it. She says, “Wait, let me guess. I said, Am I dying? And he said. Yeah. How’d you know?” 

Julia justifies the death of her character by saying that her life was indeed a tragedy as she always wanted a way out of the crime and death just like the Byrde family but did now not know-how.

Julia called it a quintessential “Greek tragedy.”

Mundy, on Ruth’s death

While on the subject of Ruth’s death, Mundy talked about how it was by far the “hardest thing” the writing team had to do.

But it was also the most crucial. Chris explains how Ruth had gone through so much over the course of Ozark, that her story had to have consequences. Chris says that the story of Langmores would’ve been “untrue if Ruth didn’t go.”

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Did you agree with the showrunners on their decision to kill Ruth? Let us know in the comments what you think.

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