Showrunner Chris Mundy Admits Jason Bateman and Laura Linney “Spoiled” the Writers’ Room of ‘Ozark’

Showrunner Chris Mundy Admits Jason Bateman and Laura Linney “Spoiled” the Writers’ Room of ‘Ozark’

Finally, after five long years, the Byrde family is at rest. Ozark concluded last month, and fans cannot get over the fact that the Emmy-winning show is over. Just the last episode was not enough for them. They needed something more, and Netflix knew it. Just today, Netflix released a 30 min long video which is their official goodbye to Ozark and its wonder-full cast. In the video, Jason Bateman with the rest of his onscreen family talks about the show and its making.

Showrunner Chris Mundy also shares his experience of working with the cast and crew. And he had particularly great compliments for Jason and Laura apart from their mesmerizing acting talents.

Let us see what the showrunner had to say about the on-screen couple.

Jason Bateman was a big help in Ozark

A show is only as good as its characters and Ozark outdid itself in that department. The show was skilfully captivating characters and the cast has a great relationship with each other in real life that resonates on the screen as well. So while going around and talking about the character-building process.

Showrunner Mundy humbly showed his gratitude to Jason and Laura saying they “spoiled them in writer’s room.”

Mundy even credits Jason for half the show’s success. Chris says so because he feels it was Bateman’s real-life likable persona that made the audience like the character of Mart too. And had that not been the case show would not have done well at all.

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Apart from being a key member of the writing team, Bateman was also a huge asset to Ozark in directing. Jason directed multiple episodes of the show too and even encouraged Laura to direct as well.

Jason also had a huge role in the creative process of the show. In fact, remember those symbols at the beginning of the show? They were solely Jason Bateman’s idea as he did not want generic credits for the show.

Did you like Jason Bateman as Marty in Ozark? Also, let us know if you were a fan of all the characters of the show in the comments below.

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    Marianne Donza
    May 8, 2022 at 1:40 am

    So sad that Ozark has ended!! Could not get enough of the story line or the actors, although to me it didn’t even seem like they were acting, they all were so realistic. It was an AMAZING series! About to watch it again and probably again. Excellent job everyone.

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