Fans Use Will Smith’s Oscar Meme to Depict Marty and Wendy’s Relationship in ‘Ozark’

Fans Use Will Smith’s Oscar Meme to Depict Marty and Wendy’s Relationship in ‘Ozark’

One of the strengths Ozark has is the characters it has made. Each and every character is different, and all of them have share a unique dynamic with each other. That is how Ozark still feels fresh even after four long seasons. Every character corresponded and interacted with others in their own way, making the show a tireless watch.

Throughout four seasons, many characters were introduced. Some had brief appearances, while others had a more prolonged impact on us. But none of them compare to the relationship between Marty and Wendy. Their relationship is not only interesting to watch but central to the show’s theme.

So naturally, now that the show has ended, fans are commenting on their relationship. But they did so using a meme, we all have been using for the past few months.

Fans share memes as Ozark ends

On the night of 28th March, a lot went down. Whatever happened on the day will surely go down in history as the most infamous moment of the Academy Awards. However, the world gained a lot of great new memes that night. And fans of Ozark are using a particular “wife meme” to express the relationship between Marty and Wendy.

People have loved the character of Wendy not because she is your average, typical day Skyler White. But because she is the baddest of them all. She made sure that anything she stated she was going to accomplish was worthwhile. Fans felt she was a visionary, an ambitious lady who could play anyone, including her own children.

And whoever has seen the show knows that the character of Jason Bateman is a mild-mannered man who never raises his voice that much. And it is his wife who runs the business while taking a backseat.

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So naturally, this relationship comes up a lot in the show whenever Marty proposes to do something radical. Because people know Marty doesn’t have the guts to do it, it must be his wife who would have given him the idea.

What do you think about Marty and Wendy’s relationship in Ozark? Let us know in the comments.

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