Ozark Season 4 Cast in Real Life – Age, Relationship, Net Worth, and More

Ozark Season 4 Cast in Real Life – Age, Relationship, Net Worth, and More

The intrigue about the actors that play your favorite character never leaves. We always try to find some similarity between the celebs and ourselves. Although Ozark is a crime-drama series and the characters are terrible human beings, fans relate to the characters. So, let us look at how the Ozark season 4 cast is special.

Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman plays the role of the patriarch of the Byrde family, Marty. Marty is responsible for almost all the chaos that his family has to endure. However, Marty does not abandon his family and cares for them deeply. Jason Bateman is a big name in Hollywood, as the actor has worked in multiple movies and series.

Jason’s most memorable roles come from the hit Fox sitcom, Arrested Development and the Horrible Bosses film franchise. Thus, the actor has reported a net worth of $30 million. The 59-year-old actor married the legendary Paul Anka’s daughter, Amanda Anka, in 2001, and the couple has two kids.

Laura Linney

Laura Linney portrays Wendy Byrde, the powerful matriarch, who can order a hit on her brother to save her family. Fans and critics regard Laura as a stalwart of the theatre, and the actress has won multiple awards. But, Laura’s breakout role came in The Truman Show as Truman’s fake wife, Meryl Burbank/Hannah Gill.

The 57-year-old has a fortune worth $10 million. The actress first married actor David Adkins from 1995 to 2000 and married Mark Schauer in 2007. Laura became a mother in 2004, giving birth to a son.

Julia Garner

Julia Garner plays the role of Ruth Langmore, who will be at the forefront in Ozark season 4 part 2. Ruth has discovered the dead body of her cousin, Wyatt in season four, and she wants to revenge. Julia has previously worked on anthology series like Maniac and Dirty John.

Netflix has cast Julia in Shonda Rhimes’ Netflix project Inventing Anna. Thus, the 27-year-old actress already has a net worth of $3 million, which will increase considering her talent. Julia married Mark Foster, lead singer of the band Foster the People in 2019.

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Lisa Emery

Lisa Emery plays the role of Darlene Snell, who started as an antagonist in season one. However, over the seasons, Darlene’s alliances have changed as in season 4 she works with Ruth, and has married Wyatt. And Lisa has worked for the Academy Award-nominated Unfaithful as Beth.

The 69-year-old actress has a net worth of $1.9 million. Lisa had a marriage with actor Josh Pais in 1990 and ended in 2003. Zane Pais, the actor, is Lisa’s son.

Alfonso Herrera

Alfonso Herrera plays the role of Javier, the newest addition to Ozark season 4. Javier is the nephew of Omar Navarro, the kingpin of the Navarro cartel. Thus, Javier’s entry has added to the already long list of problems of the Byrdes. As an actor, Alfonso has done a variety of roles, his most popular ones being as Father Tomas Ortega in The Exorcist and Hernando in Sense 8.

The 38-year-old actor has accumulated a whopping $146 million from his acting career. Alfonso married Diana Vázquez in 2006. However, the couple has ended their 15-year-long marriage in 2021, and they have two kids.

Who is your favorite character from the cast of Ozark season 4? Have you streamed the part 1 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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