EXPLAINED: The ‘Ozark’ Family Tree and Relationship Among the Characters

EXPLAINED: The ‘Ozark’ Family Tree and Relationship Among the Characters

Some series become such humongous hits that fans start following every close detail of it. Ozark is going through a similar phase as the show heads towards a natural end in season 4 part 2. With the show beautifully tangling and untangling different relations, fans are having a blast.

Ozark established, right at the start, that the Byrde family was the focus of the series. However, the series had deviated a little by introducing other characters like Ruth, Darlene, and Omar. Although no one was complaining, the writers have redirected the season 4 part 2 towards the Byrde family.

So, if you have forgotten about some of the Byrdes, then worry not as we bring their family to you.

Marty Byrde: The leader in Ozark

It is impossible to forget Marty, as he is the one that started all the chaos. If Marty had not started his money laundering business or better yet not shifted to Ozarks, the town would have been much more peaceful. Although he created troubles for his family, he is also the one solving most of them.

We have seen Marty employ his quick wits in intense situations on multiple occasions. The most significant one came at the start of the series when Marty convinced the cartel to keep him alive so that he can launder $500 million in five years. Fans will have to wait and watch if the patriarch can come out alive one last time.

Wendy Byrde: The co-leader in Ozark

Wendy is that underappreciated employee who keeps the business afloat. But, in Wendy’s case, she manages to keep her family and the business running with no hindrances. Wendy Byrde acts as a playmaker in multiple deals, manipulating Marty’s clients and getting the most out of them.

We see Wendy’s ruthless attitude when she orders a hit on her brother Ben, as he jeopardizes her family. The most recent instance of Wendy’s smartness was when she conned Javi to take the FBI deal, which might lead to his arrest in season 4 part 2.

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Charlotte Byrde

Creators and writers of the series had not given her a meatier role in the early seasons of the series. When the family first shifted to Ozark, Charlotte was the least excited of the bunch. She rebelled against her parents and their criminal activities for the first two seasons. Charlotte worked at the gas pump, and her only friend was Wyatt.


However, season 4 has seen the end of Charlotte’s rebel phase as she actively helps her family. She even skipped her SATs to help her family.

Jonah Byrde

The youngest in the Byrde family is the ultimate dark horse, as he could undo his family’s good “bad” work. Marty’s actions fascinated young Jonah at the start of the series. However, he is experiencing major character development in season 4. Jonah has entered his rebel phase, where we saw him launder money for Darlene.

Jonah also has his father’s quick wits and is not afraid of his mother Wendy. Season 4 will depend a lot on Jonah’s decisions as he is helping Ruth, who wants to kill Javi. The series has swapped the roles of the two siblings, with one in the rebel phase and the other wanting to support the family.

Rarely do we see a series using each character of the series, but Ozark excels at it. Thus, fans should hope that Netflix releases the final seven episodes soon to enjoy more of the crazy characters.

Who is your favorite Byrde character, and why? Let us know in the comments.

All seasons of Ozark is available for streaming on Netflix.

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