‘Ozark’ Season 4 Symbols EXPLAINED

‘Ozark’ Season 4 Symbols EXPLAINED

Long before we knew languages, symbols and gestures were the way of communication. And ever since, they have been of great importance. Recently, a good deal of crime thrillers and fantasies have adapted symbolization to express something of great importance. For instance, each episode of Ozark starts with a few symbols which are quite literal or just tied to events in the series. If you are curious enough to know their meanings, we have listed the meaning of each of the Ozark season 4 symbols.

Episode 1: The Beginning of the End

A flamingo pool lilo- This one’s pretty much easy to interpret and much darker than what it seems to be. Although it doesn’t appear as such, it explains Ruth’s acquirement of Lazy-O motel to launder Darlene and Wyatt’s money. It also signifies Jonah’s betrayal as he shook hands with Langmore by the pool.

A croissant and cup of coffee- It describes the scene when Marty and Wendy meet an unexpected visitor, Javi, for the first time. We see them having a conversation, along with a cup of coffee. This nephew of kingpin Omar Navarro is clearly the new threat. Moreover, we as the audience might want more doses of caffeine with every new episode till the finale.

The car keys- This one simply signifies the murder of the sheriff by Javi, and Marty and Wendy helping him to cover up by displacing the body and police car.

Broken Pinata- Pinata is a symbol of celebration. Bloodstained Byrdes meet Omar’s nephew, Javi, at the baptism of his son. This celebration gifts us with a new and major antagonist for the episodes to follow.

Episode 2: Let the Great World Spin

Rosary- Rosaries are related to the church. Seemingly, it implies Navarro’s confession to his priest. However, what he forgot to mention is his homicidal side.

Cleaning supplies- It signifies Marty and Wendy helping Javi to clean up Helen’s house. Well, that’s not all they will have to clean on Javi’s account.

Chemistry bonds- This one personifies the very chance of Byrdes to get rid of Omar’s bondage. It signifies Wendy’s investment in Clare Shaw’s rehabilitation centers.

Computer equipment- Angry at his parents, Jonah now helps Ruth, Darlene, and Wyatt to launder money, dragging himself into a dangerous business. The first supplies that were delivered to the Byrdes house for this purpose were the computer equipments.

Episode 3: City on the Make

Oysters- Oysters symbolize the awkward dinner the Byrde family had with Javi.

Pliers- Following Marty’s advice, the Navarro Cartel lets the FBI invade a ship full of guns as a gesture of trust. The operation was led by agent Maya Miller.

Chinese Takeaway- Remember the Byrde family having a Chinese takeaway dinner? Charlotte proposes to go to Chicago with her parents with a purpose that Marty finally approves of. Yes, this symbol portrays the conversation when she is allowed to tell her friend, Erin, the true reason behind her mother’s death in person.

Beakers and Test Tubes- It represents Clare’s examination of chemicals made at Navarro Cartel, and their agreement with a major American pharmaceutical company.

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Episode 4: Ace Deuce

Family photos- Helen’s ex-husband hires Mel, a PI, to look into her case. This symbol denotes Mel’s visit to Wendy and Ben’s father, to trace out if Ben’s disappearance is connected to Helen’s death. But he sure found out something significant, and may now hunt Wendy.

A Gravestone- We all know what a gravestone would symbolize. Although we almost cannot keep the track of the number of gravestones dug throughout the series; this one is of Ruth and celebrity chef Kerry stone’s driver. Darlene shot yet another person, and Wyatt had to cover it up, along with Ruth.

Spoon of substance- Celebrating his new deal with Ruth, chef Kerry overdosed himself. Although Ruth was able to save him, Marty and Wendy came into the authorities’ eyes. The presence of the heroine at Byred’s casino made authorities question them.

Goat Head- It implies the goat cookie jar in which Ruth found Ben’s cremated remains.

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Episode 5: Ellie

Xbox Controllers- It implies Ruth’s agreement with Marty. But before she could sell the remaining sash to him, Darlene already sold it to the Kansas City Mob. Ruth spunkily gets her deal and money back.

A Graph- This isn’t any normal graph, it is a stock market graph. It symbolizes the scene where senator Schaffer sits on the board of the Byrde foundation to legitimize this charity organization. Schaffer asks Wendy to bring the FBI file. Moreover, his grandson established a company that makes voting machines, in which his son invested. Suppressing the votes with the help of that machine, Wendy got the board seat.

Honey- It implies to Darlene and Wyatt’s deal with the farmer to sell their honey. Wyatt also meets Charlotte there.

SAT- We often see children dragged into their family’s affairs. In this episode, Charlotte was supposed to give her Scholastic Aptitude Test. Instead, she works for the family business, which brings up a major fight between Marty and Wendy.

Episode 6: Sangre Sobre Todo

Bottlecap- The bottle cap signifies the so-called friendship of Ruth and Jonah over beers after Darlene kicked her out of the business.

Slot machine cherries- The cherries indicate Javi’s disclosure to Marty that his Uncle, Omar is stepping down. Javi is now the new face of Navarro Cartel.

Coffee cup- It implies Wendy’s meeting with her father. She met her father over a cup of coffee to tell him Ben was no more. However, he accuses Wendy of his condition, and the daughter calls him a hypocrite.

Stethoscope- As Darlene is told, Ruth is going behind their back. She suffers a heart attack. Ruth is now kicked out of the family.

Episode 7: Sanctified

Campfire- It is the personification of a family that agrees to look out for each other, even if they are not on good terms. Before visiting Omar behind the bars, Marty visits Ruth and begs her to take care of his children if he doesn’t return. Ruth agrees politely.

Wedding Bands- Of course, the wedding bands epitomize Darlene and Wyatt’s wedding to which Ruth was not invited.

A sad Christmas tree- This one embodies the FBI’s last negotiation with Omar Navarro, which took place in a deserted mall that was still decorated for Christmas. The Byreds finally attained their freedom.

Someone holding a shotgun- Well, it’s a well-known fact that this one implies to Ruth holding a shotgun, invading in Byrde house, demanding who killed her beloved cousin. This scene leaves us on tenterhooks. 

Let us know in the comment section what do you intercept from Netflix’s Ozark season 4 symbols.

All seasons of Ozark are streaming on Netflix.

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