How Darlene Snell From ‘Ozark’ Is An OG Gunner – Everything You Need To Know

How Darlene Snell From ‘Ozark’ Is An OG Gunner – Everything You Need To Know

Fans usually feel sad after a character’s death, but not all characters get the same emotions. Some character deaths, like Darlene Snell from Ozark, did not receive the required sympathy. However, Ozark has already provided enough good reasons for hating the character to the core. Although fans might not like her, they uniquely paid tributes on Twitter. 

Almost a week has passed since the release of Ozark Season 4 Part 1. So, if you have dodged spoilers until now, then please do not continue reading, as there will be more spoilers ahead.

Twitter pays tribute to Darlene from Ozark

Darlene’s rage and love for guns have been talked about by many people, yet the memes do not stop. First, it was random users tweeting hilarious memes. But, now the official Twitter handle of Netflix has joined the gang. Netflix made a tweet summing up Darlene’s mood over the seasons. All four frames showed Darlene with her signature shotgun.

The relatable tweet had thrilled the fans, and the replies saw a plethora of other Darlene memes. Some fans could not care less about the memes and wanted the next season as soon as possible. One fan begged Netflix to release just one episode or some spoiler from the upcoming part. However, certain users acknowledged Darlene’s motto of life by the gun, die by the gun.

Therefore, some fans have not dismissed Darlene’s habits. The writers wrote Darlene as a grey character, and only hating her would not do justice to the writers.

Can Darlene return in the last part?

Whatever be the case, Darlene always had us amped-up with drama. And fans will miss it in the upcoming part. However, Lisa Emery, who played Darlene, said“I know Darlene couldn’t sustain what she was up to. There was a lot stacked against her.” Thus, the actress had anticipated her character’s end.

Darlene has earned a reputation for being unpredictable. Thus, fans wonder if Darlene is dead or will she return for the next part? But the series would not revive Darlene unless it is for some flashback.

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What was your reaction to Darlene’s death? Do you wish to see more of her in the final episodes? Let us know in the comments.

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    March 18, 2022 at 12:42 pm

    I was very disappointed to see Darlene go. She was starting to become my hero. Not because she was a criminal but because she was strong. She didn’t need a dishwasher. She didn’t need to say a lot, or impress anyone. She kept peeling her apple. Wouldn’t be rattled. I loved Darlene because were she real, you’d always know where you stood with her. I’m the opposite of her & her life looked much better. Until she died.

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