‘Ozark’ Movie: Creator Chris Mundy Says “(He) would never say no” for a Project Like That

‘Ozark’ Movie: Creator Chris Mundy Says “(He) would never say no” for a Project Like That

It’s hard to say goodbye to a series when it ends. You latch on to the characters and want to stay with them forever. But that doesn’t happen. Netflix’s Emmy-winning series, Ozark came to an end just recently. And fans are still devastated over the show’s ending. They are now hoping for a movie to spend some more time with the Byrdes for one last time. The cast and the crew have often stated how much they enjoyed working together. So is there a chance for the cast to come back once again for a movie? Chris Mundy, the creator has some answers for you. 

An Ozark movie isn’t happening

Mundy clarified that even though the entire cast would love to come back together for another project, but there’s no movie Ozark on the horizon. They have told the story they wanted to tell. 

It’s gonna sink in soon, that we are not working together anymore. There is a sadness in that,” he said.

Both Jason Bateman and Mundy wanted to end the series on a high note. They didn’t want to “overstay their welcome“. 

But if a spin-off or a movie were to happen, Jason thinks the writers would have to include ghosts of the favorite characters that didn’t survive. Adding to that, Julia Garner stated that she would like a Carrie-style comeback with a hand popping out. 

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Did they plan to end the show after four seasons? 

Showrunners didn’t exactly plan to end the show after four seasons. It just happened that way. In fact, since the last season was split into two, the writers prefer to call it seasons 4 and 5. Mundy explained that since they needed a proper ending for episode 7; it almost did feel like a season finale. The team and Netflix agreed on the episode count to fully develop the characters and the story.

The Midwestern crime drama ended with a final twist and quite an ambiguous ending. 

Have you seen the finale season? What do you think about the ending? 

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