“Did I say that?”: Ruth Langmore’s Exorbitant Cussing in ‘Ozark’ Stuns Julia Garner

“Did I say that?”: Ruth Langmore’s Exorbitant Cussing in ‘Ozark’ Stuns Julia Garner

With new shows coming out every few months, only a few hit the perfect chord with the viewers. Ozark was one of those shows. With a talented cast and tight storytelling, the series went on to win awards and nominations. Julia Garner, who portrayed the young savvy Ruth Langmore on the show, became an instant favorite. She played a character that was both vulnerable and tough. Her lines often included too many expletives. But she has had so many iconic dialogues in the series, that she herself forgot few of her dialogues! 

Julia Garner doesn’t remember Ruth Langmore’s famous curses in Ozark 

We are certain that 90% of Ozark’s strong language rating is due to Garner’s dialogues! No other character in the show had that much cussing. When Jimmy Kimmel asked the actress to pick her favorite ones among the four dialogues, she was surprised at the number of cusses. But the actress admitted that she enjoyed delivering those lines. 

“I also get nervous because there has to be a certain rhythm otherwise it’s not funny,” she added.

Fans mourned Ruth’s death in Ozark. The show’s creator Chris Mundy however, thought it was a necessary part of her narrative. In the end, Ruth kills Javi, knowing the consequences. And ultimately, Camila, Javi’s mother, comes to take her revenge. The actress had admitted to feeling bittersweet about saying goodbye to the character but felt Ruth was already dead from the inside. She suffered too many heartbreaks and betrayals right to the end. 

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Jason Bateman was too self-conscious to do comedy in the show 

Jason Bateman is mostly associated with comedic roles, hence it was important for the actor to get recognition for his dramatic roles. He wanted to do something “entirely different”. The actor admitted that it was his self-consciousness and comedy baggage that prevented him from doing comedic parts. 

We could have gotten some real jokes from Marty had he not requested Mundy to remove those parts. But then again it would go against Marty’s characteristics: calm and collected.

Have you watched the finale yet?

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