Can a More Intuitive Design Save Netflix From Losing More Subscribers?

Can a More Intuitive Design Save Netflix From Losing More Subscribers?

While the streamer is struggling to survive while nursing the huge losses, more problematic elements of the streamer have cropped up. And no, it’s not just its marketing tactics, which by the way have dissatisfied many creators. But this time, it’s a problem with the design of the app. Yes, Netflix has made efforts to incorporate changes within the app to allow their subscribers more control over the years. However, the app is still lacking. 

The streamer must add a basic Forget Now button

The streamer’s recommendation algorithm is good but only as long as you are the only one watching it. Your recommendations are ruined as soon as your long-lost cousin watches Never Have I Ever (or any other show that you don’t watch or like to watch) on the platform. There is only a not-so-very-easy way to get your recommendations back on track.

First, head to the Netflix website on your browser and navigate to Accounts. Choose the profile in which you want to hide the show from Profiles & Parental Controls. Use the Hide Now button from the Viewing Activity to hide the shows for which you don’t want to see the recommendations.

Hiding shows and sorting your recommendations is a hassle on the platform. And while after years of complaining, the streamer did add a “remove from continue watching” button, it was not available on all apps or OS.

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Netflix must focus on an intuitive and standardized version of the app for the subscribers 

Since Netflix lost subscribers, it has made massive shifts in the company, putting breaks on its animation efforts. The streamer has even canceled high-profile animation projects: Bone, The Twits, and Toil and Trouble. Moreover, the Netflix also shelved Will Smith’s Bright 2 along with Fast and Loose

In an effort to cut down its losses, the company plans to incorporate commercials and crackdown on password sharing. However, more than anything else, the streamer can also benefit greatly from an intuitive design. And if it can offer the same features across all devices and platforms, it will be a bonus for users.

While these efforts may turn the tide, they won’t bring back the lost customers. The competition is high. Thus, Netflix will need make changes on all fronts: content, user experience, and marketing to hang on to its top position.

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