After Password Sharing Crackdown, Netflix Goes for the Content – Bad News for Animation Fans

After Password Sharing Crackdown, Netflix Goes for the Content – Bad News for Animation Fans

Earlier Netflix reported losing 200,000 subscribers and then came the news about the company nursing a huge loss of about $50 billion dollars. That sent a wave of shock across the industry. The alarming news caused talent agents and producers to worry about their upcoming projects and funding. It turns out their fears came true after all. 

Netflix has announced the cancellation of several highly anticipated animation series on the platform. Not only that but it also came with the firing of top executives at the company. The streamer sacked The Director of Creative Leadership and Development for Original Animation, Phil Rynda along with all his staff.

Which animation series’ are not happening on Netflix?

Although this comes as a huge blow to fans, the company has decided to put a brake on all its animation efforts. Reportedly, the company was working on an animated version of Roald Dahl’s The Twits. But now that project is shelved. Even Lauren Faust’s Toil and Trouble isn’t happening either. And lastly, to further break the spirit of anime fans, Bone’s animation is never going to arrive on Netflix. Fans were highly anticipating the critically acclaimed Jeff Smith’s comic adaptation. But it seems the company has extinguished all hopes. They have also removed the animation-inspired merchandise from the Netflix shop as well. 

Apparently, the streamer has changed its visions and adapted a new mantra. While it was the home of experimentation and innovative projects, now Hastings wants to put content that the subscribers want to watch. 

As per the data, Boss Baby has performed extremely well on the platform. And the company wants its animated projects to bring in the same numbers as the flick.

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How are the creators reacting to the cancellations?

The company had made quite a reputation for itself for canceling fan favorite or highly acclaimed shows. One of them was the City of Ghosts. Elizabeth Ito, the series’ director, accused the streamer of manipulating data to justify the cancellation. Moreover, the creators have further expressed their dislike of the marketing tactic which is roughly a month of marketing. This doesn’t generate enough hype for small animated projects and ultimately kills off the project. 

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