$30 Million Per Episode of Stranger Things Season 4 Can Be Worth It, but What About the Huge Big-Budget Flops?

$30 Million Per Episode of Stranger Things Season 4 Can Be Worth It, but What About the Huge Big-Budget Flops?

Some of the largest shows on Netflix are also some of its most expensive ones. An episode of The Crown cost the platform around 13 million U.S. dollars. For Stranger Things, this cost was slightly less but not quite, lingering around an average of 12 million dollars per episode. That was until season 4, which we heard, time and again, will be grander than all other seasons of Stranger Things in all manners. Hence, its shooting cost around 30 million U.S. dollars per episode. These numbers all make sense for these shows as their viewership constantly justifies the cost. But that isn’t always the case.

A show with a big production amount, unfortunately, doesn’t always equate to one with a big viewership number. An example of this is The Get Down, Netflix’s most expensive series when it hit the screens of the platform. This musical drama, starring Justice Smith and Will Smith, cost the platform around 11 million dollars per episode. Its viewership was a massive disappointment as it garnered 1/3rd of the viewers that other Netflix Originals did.

All of this information boils down to a single question:

What about a large production that yields no results? What does it have to do with Stranger Things season 4

In a strongly-worded article, The AV Club wrote about how disappointing it is that Netflix constantly cancels shows and movies of good quality despite charging users an outrageous amount of money that only keeps increasing by the day. While shows like Stranger Things yield a lot of results, fans still remain disappointed over the cancellation of many favorites. Being a platform with millions of subscribers, Netflix obviously cannot keep each and every viewer of its satiated. But, fans have collectively not been very happy about the platform pulling the plug on shows like Archive 81 and Atypical.

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Add to this the lavish amount of money that Netflix seems to spend on dating reality shows that Twitter talks about for a week before completely forgetting its existence and you realize just why subscribers are so pressed. If a user is going to be paying for password sharing then they definitely are going to be expecting what they pay for.

Currently, Netflix paying twice the amount an episode of the last season of Game of Thrones did for a single one of Stranger Things in season 4 doesn’t quite sit right with users. Additionally, its relative viewership flops like The Get Down or the innumerable dating shows that all seem like replicas of each other are making subscribers question their decision of continuing their Netflix subscription as Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Hulu seem more tempting with each passing day.

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