Netflix Brings a New Feature to Better Curate Your Homepage Recommendations, Here’s How to Use

Netflix Brings a New Feature to Better Curate Your Homepage Recommendations, Here’s How to Use

One of the reasons behind Netflix’s monumental success is experimentation and focus on user experience. The streamer has always made an effort to improve the user experience on its platform. It understands what the viewers want and needs. And to keep people watching, Netflix knew it had to crack the secret code to give them the right recommendations.

With the streamer’s huge library, it was almost essential that the streamer introduced some kind of a method to help viewers pick their next film or series. Hence, Netflix removed the star rating system and introduced a thumbs up and down feature in 2017. Otherwise, most responses would be a flat-out no to Netflix’s “Are you Still Watching?” And now, the streamer has decided to introduce a new feature: double thumbs up. 

When does the double thumbs-up feature roll out on Netflix?

The streamer will roll out the exciting new feature from today. You can find it on Netflix’s web platform, TV, iOS, and Android. You will find the double thumbs up next to the existing thumbs up and thumbs down. 

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The existing thumbs up and down button shall remain on the platform. The company also introduced the Top 10 row, Play Something feature, and editing feature for Continue Watching row in the last few years.

With the additional new feature, now subscribers can let Netflix know that they really liked the show. 

Members have never had as many great entertainment options as they have right now, Being able to find the shows and movies that you’re going to love is really important. We want to continue to make Netflix the place where it’s easiest to choose something to watch.”

More customization tools to come 

Christine Doig-Cardet promises that subscribers will have more customization tools to look forward to in the future. She reveals that the company is actively investing in that aspect.

“We hope to end choice fatigue with new features that we’re adding this year. It’s a huge part of where we want to invest — providing those mechanisms to give more of the control back to the user to help tailor their experience to their personal taste.”

Are you looking forward to this new feature?

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