The Ultimatum Reunion: Rae Williams Reveals Her Sexuality in an Emotional Speech

The Ultimatum Reunion: Rae Williams Reveals Her Sexuality in an Emotional Speech

The Ultimatum has quickly become one of the most popular shows currently. Reality television fans, especially those into dating shows, are especially in love with two people from the cast. These include Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham. The couple is wildly popular among fans and for good reason. They share amazing chemistry and are relatable individuals themselves. Rae made a special place in fans’ hearts by opening up about her sexuality in a way that many fans can relate to.

Is Rae Williams bisexual?

After the experiment ended, things seemingly weren’t great for Zay and Rae. The connection fans so seemed to adore between Rae and Jake become Rae’s undoing. Not only did it leave her conflicted about her feelings for Zay, but also made Zay question whether their relationship was as stable as he thought. Ultimately the two broke up as Zay sensed Rae might yet have feelings for Jake.

Ever since, Rae has made sure she is focusing on herself. This includes discovering her sexuality as well. The lead of the Netflix Original has talked about how she has been dating a woman since her breakup. Although she has described her partner as “amazing”, the two have “kept it casual” as Rae continues to figure out herself and her sexuality.

Rae Williams talked about her experience as a queer person in a reunion of the cast of The Ultimatum. She recounted being “very uncomfortable with being bi for a very long time”. Considering how significant coming out about one’s sexuality is, it was indeed a special moment for Rae Williams. Fans and viewers have shown the reality television star endless support.

As for her relationship with her partner, Rae claims that “it’s kind of been great, honestly.” Things are undeniably looking good for her.

Jake Cunningham, on the other hand, has talked about how he would potentially get back together with Rae. So, fans of the Netflix series who love seeing the two together don’t have to give up hope just yet.

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