Two MAJOR Reasons Why Fans Adore Jake Cunningham in the Ultimatum

Two MAJOR Reasons Why Fans Adore Jake Cunningham in the Ultimatum

Netflix’s hit reality couple show The Ultimatum had a lot of great contestants. All of them were interesting individuals and, when out together with their partners, were extremely entertaining. But why has the internet only fallen in love with Jake Cunningham from The Ultimatum?

Let us try to find out why Jake is getting much love and appreciation from fans.

Why is Jake Cunningham from The Ultimatum getting so popular?

Jake Cunningham from The Ultimatum became the show’s breakthrough star for a variety of reasons. He was introduced to fans of the new Netflix series in early April when the show premiered on the streaming site.

Jake, along with his better half, April Marie, is one of the most talked-about cast members on the Netflix reality program. Their relationship was already in trouble when they were introduced to the show. Jake, a Marine Corps veteran, confessed that he would prefer to be more financially secure before settling down with April.

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Some of the many reasons why people love him are:

He has always been honest

Jake was upfront with his girlfriend April when they joined the Netflix series The Ultimatum. Prior to entering the show, he told her that he wasn’t sure about getting married since he didn’t feel safe in his own life.

April has repeatedly told him that she “can’t wait any longer,” prompting the pair to attend the show. On the other hand, Jake has remained firm in his relationship, which people respect.

Jake wants to focus on himself for now

The 26-year-old has also stated that he wants to work on himself before committing to anything. Jake not only wants to be able to support himself and his future family, but he also wants to be able to make decisions for himself.

Jake stated on the show that he wants to travel, meet new people, have fun, be financially secure, and have clarity about his relationship.

As the final episode of The Ultimatum will stream on Wednesday. We have no way of knowing if Jake and April are still together. Tune in to find out if they were able to solve their differences to be together.

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