Which ‘The Ultimatum’ Couples Survived the Ultimatum and Are Still Together?

Which ‘The Ultimatum’ Couples Survived the Ultimatum and Are Still Together?

Netflix couple experimental reality show, The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, has fulfilled all our expectations after watching Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle. The show develops around six couples, where one of them is willing to marry and gave an ultimatum to their partner. A lot of chaos and drama has happened till now, where many established couples have separated ways, and some of them will try out a relationship with their new partner.

12 participants get three weeks to choose a partner on their own and are in a three-week trial marriage to check whether they want to return to their previous partner. Netflix and the creator of The Ultimatum believed this experiment will help the cast solidify their relationship and feelings for each other by forcing them with total strangers. Some of them have actually worked, and some of them have moved on with their lives. Let’s check out where the couples are now.

Alexis and Hunter

Between Alexis and Hunter, Alexis has given an ultimatum to Hunter for marriage. From the very beginning, she was very clear about her feelings and what she wants in life. She even protested about the experiment. She will not sit here and watch the man she loves date another woman. But with surprise, Hunter steps ahead and proposes to Alexis before the final episode of the show. They ultimately went home happy and seemingly in love.

Lauren and Nathan

Between Lauren and Nathan, Nathan gave an ultimatum to Lauren. Both of them want different things from life. Nathan wants to get married and have kids, whereas Lauren is not sure if she even wants to have kids in the future.

To our surprise, she still didn’t give an ultimate answer. But, it seems like Nathan and Lauren were going to couple’s therapy after this show.

These two of them got out of The Ultimatum, even before the show started on Netflix.

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Randall and Shanique

Between Randall and Shanique, Shanique gave an ultimatum. As the experiment started, Randall paired up with Madlyn and Shanique paired up with Zay.

Randall and Madlyn hit off real quick, and their relationship went physical, which even gives Madlyn’s partner Colby doubt about their established relationship. So, we have a doubt about whether Randall will accept the proposal of Shanique. We just can hope for the best.

Colby and Madlyn

Between Coby and Madlyn, Colby gave an ultimatum to Madlyn, who wants to get married and have a family. But still not sure about this commitment, as they are dating for only one and a half years. In the experiment, Colby was paired up with April and Madlyn, with Randall.

Since Madlyn and Randall hit off, we don’t think Colby is proposing to Madlyn again.

April and Jake

Between April and Jake, April gave an ultimatum to her boyfriend. April’s dream is to have kids and indulge in motherhood, but Jake has some other plans for their relationship. As the experiment begins, April is paired up with Colby, and the two share a platonic relationship. Meanwhile, Jake paired up with Rae, seems to be falling for her and vice versa.

April and Jake don’t even follow each other on Instagram, and we don’t think they have a future together.

Rae and Zay

Between Rae and Zay, Rae gave an ultimatum. As the experiment begins, Rae is paired up with Jake and Zay, with April. Rae and Jake instantly hit off, and we don’t think her previously established relationship has any chance further.

Now, all we can do is wait until the last episode releases and make our guesses until then. Meanwhile, you can stream the available episodes on Netflix.

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