‘The Ultimatum’ on Netflix: Was Intimacy a Part of Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham’s “Trial Marriage”?

‘The Ultimatum’ on Netflix: Was Intimacy a Part of Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham’s “Trial Marriage”?

Fans of reality television are at all-time high as we see more and more of these shows appearing on streaming services. The most recent one in this long list of dating reality shows is The Ultimatum on Netflix. After the success of Love is Blind, the same creators brought to us another series. The two are very similar yet quite different in many aspects.

Throughout the course of Love is Blind, the most popular story seemed to be that of Deepti and Shake. As fans know very well, this wasn’t a fairytale. In fact, it was the quite opposite with Shake messing up more than once.

However, The Ultimatum is very different from Love is Blind in this context. The two most popular characters are a couple that seems to be a fan-favorite so far. Both Rae Williams and Jake Cunnigham didn’t come to the sets of The Ultimatum looking for a partner. Yet, fans of the Netflix Original cannot help but want these two to be end game. They share incredible chemistry that was evident right from the get-go.

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But, they each also had their actual partners to take care of. So, did their “trial marriage” involve intimacy?

What do they have to say about their relationship in The Ultimatum on Netflix?

Although Rae seemed happy enough in her relationship with Zay, her time with Jake was evidently happy, too. She talked about how great their time together was and it made her feel hopeful. However, this was tinted with increasing apprehension over her relationship with her boyfriend Zay. Although he hasn’t explicitly said it, we’re assuming that Jake continues to respect his actual partner, April Marie’s boundaries, as well.

As a result, the two did not get intimate on the sets of the Netflix series. In fact, Jake talked about how he slept on a different bed altogether for the first five days. Kissing was as far as they chose to go, with both Zay and April in mind.

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Stream The Ultimatum on Netflix to see more of this couple and find out if they do actually end up together.

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