‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Cast and Fans Describe Newton in One Word, Simone Ashley Calls Him “Sausages”

‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Cast and Fans Describe Newton in One Word, Simone Ashley Calls Him “Sausages”

The real star of Bridgerton season 2 has yet to show his charming, temperamental edgy persona. Have no idea whom we are talking about? It’s Newton, the the Sharma sisters’ cute corgi. We call him Mr. Newton Sharma out of love.

With his cute and chubby posture, he has won all our hearts, starting from the cast and then, the viewers. In a previous tweet, the cast expressed their gratitude for working with such a talented actor. Needless to say, fans are in love with Kate and Edwina Sharma’s naughty pet, and how he was involved some mischievous act. He knows the perfect way to embarrass the Sharma sisters and has zero regrets for his mischievousness.

With such a charming role, what nickname could the cast of season 2 give Mr Bushy Tailed (NetflixJunkie’s name for Newton/Austin).

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Bridgerton season 2 cast describes Newton in one word

Newton aka Austin is a moody dog, who loves to wander on his own, without being disturbed by anyone. He has a bit of sass and created much trouble during the show’s filming. He might be too naughty, but he surely has owned everyone’s heart out there with his cuteness. So, Bridgerton‘s official Twitter account tweeted a brief clip of the cast of season 2, where they had the task of describing the dog using one word.

The clip starts with Edwina Sharma aka Charithra Chandran and Martins Imhangbe aka Will Mondrich describing Newton as naughty. He certainly is naughty, and we can’t deny that. Moving on, Lady Violet described him as sweet.

Meanwhile, Prudence Featherington described him as a canine (rather to the nose, Prudence), whereas Benedict Bridgerton, aka Luke Thompson, never met Newton in his life: he only heard about his work.

Jonathan Bailey described Newton as the nemesis (well no surprises there), whereas he impressed Lady Featherington and she gave him the tag of ‘adorable’. Lady Danbury aka Adjoa Andoh calls him uninvited (she’s still very much in character, God bless the Ton). His craftiness in getting his treats AKA sausages impressed Simone Ashley and Luke Newton because the former called him sausages and the latter called him crafty.

While we don’t get nearly enough of Newton in season 2, we hope to see a lot more in Bridgerton seasons 3 and 4.

On the note, it’s your turn now. How would you describe the cute corgi in one word?

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