‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: Chris Van Dusen Shares his Insights Into Creating Episode 1 of The Season

‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: Chris Van Dusen Shares his Insights Into Creating Episode 1 of The Season

The characters of the delightful sophomore season of Bridgerton have grown so much unto us that we cannot think of it without them. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to read the actual script? Were these beautiful expressions such as Kate’s soft smile and Anthony’s intense look present in there? And how did they define the props in the script? Is the script as much surreal? Well, if you are a cinema geek like us, hang on, as we found the answers to all such doubts lingering around Bridgerton season 2. Might as well tell you about some major Easter eggs.

Chris Van Dusen, the creator and executive producer of Bridgerton, is showering blessings upon us through his Twitter handle. And those scripts! So beautifully crafted, so beguiling that they won’t let you off easily. And that’s exactly what we are here with today. So with little ado, let’s deep dive into it.

Dusen hints at a lot of things about Bridgerton season 2 through his tweets

As soon as we saw that iconic horse race and the moments that followed in the very first episode, we knew Anthony was in love with Kate already. And Kate’s delicate smile when Anthony said, “Losing races to strange women in such parks at dawn…” hinted nothing different. And Dusen here gave us the honor to read through the script of the same and it couldn’t be more charming.

Further, the Bridgerton family scenes were not only fun to watch, it was fun to shoot as well. And undoubtedly, Dusen’s favorite is also the very first scene when Daphne arrives and the entire family is gathered up to see Eloise in her coming out attire.

Also, the love-ducks ahead of Anthony’s horse were easy to watch, but hard to shoot.

And Kate’s dog! Such a sweet boy. Did you know he was actually described as a fat corgi in the script!!

Then comes that dashing moment when Penelope does a great bargain for her paper. Guess who was impressed the most by her perfect Irish accent?

Lastly, we come across the beautiful English garden where Penelope often hangs out. It’s a rather serene and lively sight to watch. But it wasn’t Daffodils’ season during the time of the shoot. Then how did they manage to make it so realistic? Perhaps the magic hides in the artist’s brush.

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If you have any questions regarding the Easter eggs in Netflix’s Bridgerton season 2, tell us in the comment section. We will try our best to crack ’em down, just for you.

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