This Young Colin Suggests Colin Bridgerton and Penelope To Be The Next Love Story in Season 3

This Young Colin Suggests Colin Bridgerton and Penelope To Be The Next Love Story in Season 3

Bridgerton season 2 just ended and fans are already yearning for more information about Bridgerton season 3. But information regarding the next season is scarce. Nonetheless, we think the team is dropping hints for us fans. Like this recent tweet, where they shared featuring a Young Colin standing outside a vanity van.

Hands parted and with a full-blown smile, the child actor looks camera ready. His cuteness has the fans cooing in the comments. 

Will Bridgerton season 3 shift focus on Colin Bridgerton? 

Creator, Shonda Rhimes is remaining tight-lipped about the protagonist of Bridgerton season 3. She has so far only shared that the next season is currently being written. If they follow the book’s order, the next will feature Benedict’s story from An Offer From a Gentleman. However, Shonda Rhimes has shoved that idea out of the idea. “We’re definitely planning on following each one of the siblings’ romantic stories. So, we’re not necessarily going in order, but we are going to be seeing each one of the siblings and their stories,” she told Entertainment Tonight. 

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Why is there a huge possibility that the next season will focus on the third oldest brother? 

The third oldest Bridgerton brother may be the show’s prime focus in the next season because he had by far the most development in the latest season. The Polin story has made a great headway in the latest season, heading towards the story arc in the book. On the other hand, Benedict’s sexual identity is still a mystery and he didn’t have too much to offer this season. 

Eloise, on the other hand, is nursing heartbreak after ending her friendship with Theo. Additionally, she was devastated after finding out Penelope was Lady Whistledown. She needs to sort these issues out before the writers can introduce a suitor for her. But on the other hand, Colin came back from his European travels as a more mature individual.

After he gets a reality check from Marina Thompson, he starts focusing more on the present and the people around him.  Even though he still doesn’t see Penelope in a romantic light, which he proclaimed to his gentleman friends at the ball, this might change next season. We might see their childhood friendship blossom into a heartfelt romance. This is also a popular fan theory, as well.

What are your thoughts on the photo of Young Colin surfacing on Twitter?

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