‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Cast Shares the Love Story of Newton With Sausages and His Temperamental Edgy Persona

‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Cast Shares the Love Story of Newton With Sausages and His Temperamental Edgy Persona

One particular star of Bridgerton season 2 has captured all eyes of viewers as well as the cast. Can you guess who is it? No, it’s not Anthony or Kate or Edwina or not any human cast members of season 2. It is Kate’s Corgi, Newton. With a bushy tail and a cute posture, he has won every one of the cast’s hearts. The lead cast of the show explains their experience of working with such an enormous talent.

Newton is the naughty pet dog of Kate Sharma and Edwina Sharma. Fans lovingly call him Mr. Newton Sharma. All loved him dearly. He is not just a pet for the Sharma sisters, he is family. He often loves to create troubles, much  to dismay of the Sharma sisters. Just like how he tripped Anthony right into the lake. With such a memorable role, what do the cast members have to say about this bushy-tailed cutie? Let’s find out.

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The real star of Bridgerton season 2- Newton

The fans of Newton already know his real name, which is Austin, and he loves sausages. He will do anything to get a little bit of sausage. He is a very moody dog with an attitude and likes to wander on his own, without being disturbed by other crew or cast members. Newton has a bit of sass and during the shoot for Bridgerton, he often went off and did his own thing, causing trouble to the schedule.

Before the release of Bridgerton season 2, we have heard Simone Ashley, Jonathan Bailey, and Charithra Chandran talk about their experiences working with Newton. This time they are joined by Luke Newton, Adjoa Andoh, Golda Rosheuval.

Recently, Bridgerton’s official Twitter handle posted a brief clip about the casts and their experience with the corgi. According to them, Newton can be a good or bad boy or as the Sharma sisters put it “temperamental”. You really don’t know what you will get and what will set him off. However, despite that, he will always hold a very special place in their heart.

Jonathan Bailey as Anthony and Luke Newton as Colin have stated that they feel really honored to work with Austin, who is highly talented. Moreover, Lady Danbury and Queen spill that he loved sausages, which apparently is how they got the corgi to shoot.

Despite all his attitude and mischievousness, the cast loves him dearly and claimed there will be no Bridgerton season 2 without Newton aka Austin. What did you think of this cute munchkin when you streamed season 2 on Netflix? Comment below.

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