What Does Colin Bridgerton Actor Luke Newton Have in Common With His Character?

What Does Colin Bridgerton Actor Luke Newton Have in Common With His Character?

While his younger sister Daphne found her happy ending by the season finale of Bridgerton, Colin found himself in a rather unfortunate situation. Being the third son, Colin doesn’t have many responsibilities as a viscount. All he has to do is marry someone the aristocracy deems a good fit and maintain the family reputation. However, this goes wrong as he falls victim to Marina Thompson’s plans.

He leaves for the trip, knowing Penelope’s feelings for him. In the upcoming season 2 of the series, we see a new version of Colin that we haven’t seen before. He’s going to be more rooted in logic and more stable than before. Not to say that we won’t see ups and downs with his relationship with other characters, especially Penelope, but we certainly will see him dealing with things in a new, more mature way.

After playing the role for 2 seasons now, this is what actor Luke Newton has to say about Colin:

What does Luke have in common with Colin Bridgerton?

Of all Bridgerton siblings, Colin is the one that fans of the books love and adore the most. This is because of his laid-back nature and the witty remarks he doesn’t shy away from giving. Newton claims that is one trait he shares with his Bridgerton counterpart.

When Colin discovered how Marina was looking to marry him because of his title and her situation rather than her feelings for him, the best escape he could find was traveling. He instantly leaves for a trip around Europe to clear his head. This shows just how much the character loves traveling and looks at it as an escape. Newton mentioned how traveling also makes him think of his family. He said, “sharing new experiences and exploring new places with friends and family is something I will always cherish.

What Newton does not have in common with the beloved character he plays on the set of the Netflix series is his naivety. Colin was easily manipulatable, something Marina took advantage of. Newton talks about how he hopes he doesn’t share this characteristic with Colin.

Being a part of the aristocracy in Regency-era England, Colin is bound to be a good horse rider. But, Luke grew up afraid of and constantly avoiding riding. Although he grew to enjoy it at some point, riding was something he only took up when he had to because of his job.

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With this being said, fans of the books are certainly very satisfied with Newton playing their favorite character in the Netflix Original. Don’t forget to stream Bridgerton on Netflix on March 25 to see more of Newton and his faultless portrayal of Colin!

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