‘Bridgerton’ Fact vs Fiction- Are the Bridgertons and the Queen Based on Real Life People?

‘Bridgerton’ Fact vs Fiction- Are the Bridgertons and the Queen Based on Real Life People?

Bridgerton has the perfect balance of historical accuracy and fictional additions. Unlike fantasy series, viewers don’t find themselves entirely disconnected from the real world. But, then again, it doesn’t really have the grim details of accurate history, an example of which is the inclusivity in the series. But, where is the line between fact and fiction in Bridgerton?

The Bridgerton family

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This is a fact that doesn’t need much explanation and most probably will not be a shock to most viewers. The titular Bridgerton family we see in the show is entirely fictional. There is no record of a real Bridgerton family in the Regency era. The family comes from the Bridgerton book series by Julia Quinn.

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Other characters

One character that is inspired by a real-life person is that of Queen Charlotte. According to The Guardian, Queen Charlotte was Britain’s first Black queen, with her sculptures spread all over America. At the age of 16, she married George III. Like her husband, she was of German descent, but many theories state that she was indeed black.

Creator of the Netflix series, Chris Van Dusen, said in an interview that “it is a reimagined world” where “the show is marrying history and fantasy” in the most exciting manner. This is where the idea of inclusivity comes into the series. The fictional Duke of Hastings is Black, appointed by Queen Charlotte. Dusen said that they played on the idea of what society would be like had she granted them titles, lands, and dukedoms.

Her husband, King George is also based on Queen Charlotte’s real-life husband. The king is one of the most popular monarchs in pop culture, appearing in musicals like Hamilton. He is the monarch under whose reign the English lost America. And, just as in the show, his marriage to the queen was a true love match.

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A defining aspect of the Netflix Original the fans absolutely adore is that of the Bridgerton costumes. While the sets and costumes have tried to stay as true to the originals as possible, they have an undeniable modern touch. An example is the contemporary color palette of the costumes and the signature low bosoms in the women’s dresses.

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