The Famed Costumes Of Bridgerton: History, Designer, Most Iconic Looks, And Everything Else You Need To Know

The Famed Costumes Of Bridgerton: History, Designer, Most Iconic Looks, And Everything Else You Need To Know

With grandeur and a plot that remains unmatched, Bridgerton is undeniably one of the best shows on Netflix. The Regency period drama boasts visuals competing with the likes of Downton Abbey but in a much more fun and engaging manner. Where else would you hear 19th-century renditions of songs from Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande? Making the splendid sets of Bridgerton even more majestic are the costumes we see throughout the series.

Are the Bridgerton costumes historically accurate?

Short answer: no, they aren’t. 

But, does this matter? Again, no, it doesn’t.

In terms of historical accuracy, the costumes we see in Bridgerton are not quite right. They have a touch of modernity that takes away from the essence of the Regency period. The low necklines that have become a signature of the show would have been quite controversial during the 1800s. The aim of the costume designers was to give fans a great viewership experience but also provide content they could relate to and enjoy.

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Who is the designer behind the making of these iconic Bridgerton costumes?

Ellen Mirojnick is the name of the genius behind these iconic costumes. None of the costumes we see in Bridgerton are picked from shops or designers. Each one of them is carefully handmade with the Netflix Original in mind. Along with a brilliant team of 200, Mirojnick has designed and made 7500 original pieces of clothing for the show alone.

Actress Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope Featherington, mentions the great deal of care the actors take to ensure that the costumes remain unharmed. They put on coats that make it extra inconvenient for them, but this protected the details of the dresses. Each flower or piece of jewelry we see the cast of the Netflix series wear is made from scratch entirely by hand. The Bridgerton costumes alone took up 5 months of planning, preparation, and hard work.

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The hidden meaning behind Bridgerton costume colors

Not only is the costume design unbelievably alluring, but they also help set the tone of the show. In the beginning, we see the lovely Bridgerton household dressed in beautiful pastels. The colors show viewers the domestic bliss the Bridgertons lived in. They exude class and elegance without being too overpowering.

As the series progresses, we watch Daphne shift to darker, more somber pieces of clothing. Her character goes from that of a naïve young child to a woman who learns some dark truths about life. When her marriage again reverts back to being a happy one, she finds her way back to the pastels she so seemed to love.

Another example of the sheer genius behind the Bridgerton costumes is that of the Featherington family. Mrs. Featherington, as viewers know all too well, is not the ideal parent. Her regard for a rich match matters more to her than her daughter’s happiness. We see this being made apparent in the scene where Prudence’s corset is tightened until she faints. The colors the Featheringtons wear are also grotesque and awfully bright, showing their “new money” lifestyle that they soon lose.

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The most iconic Bridgerton costumes

Eloise’s frills

If Eloise and her frills felt comical to you at the beginning of the show, you aren’t alone. The ribbons and childish additions signify just how badly she wishes to stay a child.

Daphne’s debut ball

This is the first time we see the protagonist of the season. And her outfit at the time was the perfect one. It was the most Daphne piece of clothing she could’ve worn.

The Queen being, well, a queen

The award for perhaps the most extra outfit and looks goes to the Queen. Not only does this Bridgerton character go all out with her costumes ‌each and every time, she always does so magnificently.

Eloise gradually growing up

Eloise might have allowed herself another year before her social debut, but Lady Bridgerton wanted her daughter dressed up and ready to catch people’s eyes. However, a tiny detail that makes this look endearing is the ribbon she manages to slip in her otherwise rather elegant look.

Daphne’s dark turn

This look was perhaps the most iconic one of the series. We watch Daphne turn from an innocent young child who loves her signature powder blue dresses to this one dramatic one. The unadorned dark blue dress she wears in this scene perfectly suits the conversation she has with Anthony here.

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What does the Bridgerton cast think of their costumes?

Bringing to viewers the best experience isn’t an easy task. Considering the scale of costumes in Bridgerton , this task was harder still. The infamous corsets are just as painful as they look, if not more. As a result, the cast had difficulty shooting in it.

Nicola Coughlan spoke in an interview about how she had to sit in a chair for 2 hours every single day to get dressed. She would get up at 4 am and would then be ready by 8 a.m. when the shooting began.

While no one has fainted due to the corsets on the set like Prudence did in the show, they aren’t comfortable either. While Mirojnick has tried her best to make it as least painful as possible, they still were quite a pain. In the beginning, we see Phoebe Dynevor had scabs on her back that Daphne just proceeded to ignore and go about her day.

Coughlan, who is 5’1 and comparatively extremely petite, had to spend her first day on the sets in extremely high heels. This resulted in a rather dangerous injury involving Claudia Jessie (Eloise Bridgerton) as the actress slipped.

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The intricate details of the costumes and the hard work the cast has put in to perform magnificently despite them make Bridgerton an even finer show. Kudos to the cast and crew for their hard work. Watch the sheer brilliance of one of the most influential costumes in a tv show firsthand while streaming Bridgerton on Netflix!

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