Bode’s Adventures, Dodge, and a Return Back Home: Refresh Your Memory Before ‘Locke and Key’ Season 3 Leaves You in Awe Once and for All

Bode’s Adventures, Dodge, and a Return Back Home: Refresh Your Memory Before ‘Locke and Key’ Season 3 Leaves You in Awe Once and for All

Only 5 days are left for the release of Locke & Key season 3. This will be the series finale, which means we will watch Lockes bring down the evil for the last time. Fans are excited and sad about the release of season 3 as they’re going to see their favorite kids for the last time. The show’s last two seasons have lived up to the expectation of the fans, and the trailer for the third installment indicates the same.

With mere days left before season 3 arrives on Netflix, we are here to help you look back and have a quick recap of season 2.

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What happened in Locke and Key 2

When season 2 starts, the keys are a normal part of the Locke siblings’ life as they discovered (and keep discovering) new ones. Because of their victory against Dodge, they now lead a carefree existence. In the season 1 finale, we come to know that Dodge is also using the guise of Gabe to deceive them. After Gabe spends too much time with Eden, who is now a demon after Whisper Iron struck her during the season 1 finale, Kinsey starts to think that Gabe is hiding something.

Tyler is scrambling to find a method to keep his lover Jackie from forgetting about the enchantment he created for them. A new friendship is formed as Bode continues to seek additional keys. A probable relationship is brewing between Nina and newcomer Josh. The whole while, Gabe and Eden are hatching a scheme to overcome the Lockes and get their hands on the Omega Key. With Dodge out of the picture, the main protagonists of the story were able to settle into their new house and forget about their old foes. They had no idea she was masquerading as Gabe in front of them.

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How did the season end?

In the last episode of Locke and Key season 2, when Duncan, Tyler, and Scot break into Gabe’s cliff-edge villa to steal the Demon Key, the Locke siblings and Uncle Duncan aren’t sitting around, waiting to be attacked again. Instead, they go on the offensive with the Angel Key. Kinsey pretends to throw herself off the cliff as a distraction. Although Gabe/Dodge and the horde are much too strong, Duncan has a secret weapon up his sleeve: his blood and the Demon Key have a link, which enables him to control the hoard.

Duncan commands the horde to assault Dodge, and he takes the Demon Key from the latter’s hands. Instead of killing Dodge, Tyler uses the Alpha Key on Dodge. This revives the still-teenaged Lucas, who returns all of Dodge’s keys and says that it was out of his hands. You relive all of these events in the tweet pinned below:

Ellie, in the meantime, has returned home, disoriented but still resembling Dodge, and is looking for Rufus, who long since vanished. To prove her identity to Bode, Ellie goes to Keyhouse, where she finds him alone. Duncan, Lucas, and the Locke siblings later use the Identity Key to return Ellie to her actual appearance, allowing her and Lucas to reunite after all these years. Ellie reconciles with Rufus later on, as well.

Hence, season 2 mostly ended on a good note, except for the return of Captain Frederick Gideon, who will likely cause destruction in season three. Much more will happen in the last season of the series. We hope the Locke siblings are ready for him. While we await August 10 to come sooner, you can rewatch Locke and Key season 2 only on Netflix.

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