Who Is Frederick Gideon? The Demon That Is Coming Back in Locke and Key Season 3?

Who Is Frederick Gideon? The Demon That Is Coming Back in Locke and Key Season 3?

What image comes to your mind when you hear the name Frederick Gideon? If a 17th-century British soldier appears in your mind, then you are a true Locke and Key fan. However, he appeared in the second season for a short period. He takes us back to the American Revolution. He is supposed to haunt you in the upcoming third season of the show. The character is played by Kevin Durand.

Before the release of it, you must know everything about him as you will need to. We have brought you the guide to this character as this demon is all set for the third season.

Your guide to Frederick Gideon from Locke and Key


Let’s first tell you about his origin. This character appeared in the show in the second season for the first time. He takes us back to the year 1775 in colonial Massachusetts. Gideon is the former Captain of the British Army. He tormented the residents of the North Shore and got rid of everyone he thought was a rebel.

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His connection with the Lockes

He and his men raided the Keyhouse one night in 1775 after hearing allegations that Peter Locke was making weapons for the American army and hoarding weapons for terrorists. After a heated argument, Gideon decided to burn the Locke family to death and set fire to their house after his minions took what they could from it.

With the assistance of Captain Crais of the neighborhood militia, Benjamin Locke intervened just as Gideon was about to carry out his plan. Peter and Gideon had a short fight that ended with Gideon making fun of him and stabbing him to death while Benjamin saved his mother and sister.

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Along with a soldier, Frederick goes into the sea caves. There, he accidentally opens the gateway to another world. His fellow soldier gets hit by a bullet from the door and watches him turn into a demon and get massive power. Frederick deliberately goes in front of the gateway and gets it by the bullet. But the soldiers caught him. He was hanged to death by the residents of Massachusetts.

In the present day, his descendent, Josh Bennett, who teaches history, traces his ancestor to Massachusetts. He has one of the bullets that Frederick kept with him, which was eventually stolen by Gabe. In the end, Edan frees him from the well, and he, in turn, kills Edan. He uses the Anywhere key and escapes.

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What to expect?

It’s clear from his escape that he is going to be back in the third season. On the other hand, Dodge used to play her tricks cleverly, but the Captain is an impatient soul. He’s back to take his revenge on the Lockes and is ready to go to any extent. It will be interesting to see how he reacts and the chaos he causes if he meets his descendent.

The third season of the show will be released on August 10. Until then, watch the two seasons of this Netflix gem, Locke and Key.

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