Miguel or Chozen? Fans Predict the Unknown Person Miyagi-Do Students are Bowing To in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Image

Miguel or Chozen? Fans Predict the Unknown Person Miyagi-Do Students are Bowing To in ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Image

Loosen your muscles and sharpen your martial arts skill as Cobra Kai season 5 will soon bring the coolest kids of All Valley on your screens. Set 30 years after the events of Karate Kid movies, Netflix’s nostalgic series successfully carries on the legacy of Miyagiverse. One of the series’ great successes is undoubtedly the relationship established between teacher and student. After the events of season 4’s climactic ending, season 5 will certainly explore such relationship dynamics. It seems like fans are already excited to explore everything the upcoming season has to offer.

With less than a month remaining in the 5th season’s debut, the series has already started engaging fans by slipping out hints now and then. Recently, they tweeted a few interesting teaser pictures with a promise of doing the same every week. Among those, the one that piqued fans’ interest is that of the modern-day karate kids bowing to someone. However, they did not capture the person they are paying respect to. It is rather interesting how fans took no time to jump into the discussion of who could these children possibly bow to.

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Who would Miyagi-Do students possibly bow to in this teaser image of Cobra Kai season 5?

In the image, we could see Miyagi-Do students bowing to someone standing in front of them. However, the identity of that person is kept confidential. Ahead of the season 5 release, fans predict the unknown person. Interestingly, the popular guesses that came out of the discussion on Reddit were Miguel, Chozen, and Kreese.

Being aware of Miguel’s ventures to Mexico to find out about his dad, the chances of him being the person are near zero. However, it could very much be Chozen as he is to return to Cobra Kai and help Daniel teach kids the ways of Mr. Miyagi. Further, another teaser picture also shows Daniel, Johnny, and Chozen, standing in line as proud senseis in a similar setting. Hence, it is also possible that the kids are bowing in front of the three karate kids. Some fans also predict that it could be John Kreese, which could be possible at a stretch. Well, the man reached AWE to teach his no mercy ideology to Thunder Rosa. So, he might as well escape jail. Here are a few interesting fan guesses:

What’s your guess though? Feel free to comment down below. Cobra Kai season 5 will premiere on September 9, 2022.

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