AEW’s Thunder Rosa Makes Plea to Ralph Macchio After Dr Britt Baker D.M.D. Goes Cobra Kai on Her

AEW’s Thunder Rosa Makes Plea to Ralph Macchio After Dr Britt Baker D.M.D. Goes Cobra Kai on Her

The ‘No Mercy’ ideology of Cobra Kai now enters the big league! If you are already an AEW fan, you surely know what we are talking about. And if you aren’t, you are in for a treat.

Thunder Rosa and Mercedes Martinez had the most anticipated one-on-one showdown in an AEW dynamite feature. And well, thanks to being a No DQ match and sensei Kreese, it was a merciless and nail-biting one. Wait, what? Sensei Kreese in All Elite Wrestling? Yes, you read it right and we are here to present you with everything that happened in the re-match, including Rosa’s suffering after a remarkable win against Martinez and some interesting tweets that followed.

Thunder Rosa vs Mercedes Martinez

Although Rosa won the match in Uma Thurman’s Kill Bill style, what caught our attention was the showdown that followed. The match lived up to what it promised: Including everything from chairs, tables to fisherman busters, dropkicks, Spider German Suplex, and the fire thunder driver was surely a no DQ match. Thunder Rosa hooked her legs around Martinez, marking a legendary win.

But things didn’t end here. Thunder Rosa suffered a massive beat-up as Dr. Britt Baker joined the team in pummeling Rosa. She also offered a pipe to Martinez to shoot her opponent. And guess who inspired Baker? It was none other than Cobra Kai‘s fearsome sensei, Kreese. Truly said, Thunder and Mercedes may have struck first, but Dr. Britt Baker strikes hardest.

Interestingly, in a bid to counter Cobra Kai ideology of her enemies, Thunder Rosa tweeted to Danny boy asking him to be by her side. She wrote, “Can I get @ralphmachhio (Daniel Larusso) in my corner?”

Well, following the jaw-dropping beat down on February 16, 2022, the AWE opponents are now ruling the Twitter world as they attempt to bring All Valley Tournament dynamics to All Elite Wrestling. And it all started with Martin Kove and Britt Baker teaming up. But how did it happen in the first place? Let’s find it out.

How did Britt Baker and Martin Kove bring Cobra Kai to AEW?

The real surprise for Cobra Kai fans came in when Martin Kove made a guest appearance in the AWE Dynamite beat down. D.M.D introduced him as the vicious and unhinged John Kreese, sensei of Cobra Kai dojo. Might as well be Britt Baker’s sensei from now on.

Hearing his advice for Martinez, you may go down the memory lane of season 2 episode 7 of Cobra Kai when sensei Kreese took the children to the woods. As Miguel snatches the last band from Hawk in Coyote Creeke, Kreese orders him to finish him in ghost-rider style. In a very similar manner, Martin Kove advises Baker to finish Mercedes if she loses against Thunder, saying, “You know what to do. Finish her. No Mercy.” And trust us, he has all our hearts.

Unfortunately, what D.M.D. worried about the most happened. Mercedes Martinez lost against Thunder Rosa after having the best fire thunder driver ever. And guess what sensei Kreese advised Britt Baker. The exact thing he said to Ass face’s opponent in Season 3 Episode 6. Although Ass Face was loyal to the dojo, Kove’s Kreese told his bully to finish him just because he was weak! Well, Kreese despises the likes of weak people. In this AWE showdown as well, he tells Baker that he warned her she (Mercedes) was weak, and then asks to finish her off.

What followed was a brutal beat down of Thunder Rosa and Mercedes by D.M.D. and the team.

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Seemingly, the dentist turned wrestler, Dr. Britt Baker is the newest recruit of Cobra Kai dojo. And it will be interesting to see if Macchio responds to Thunder Rosa’s heartfelt tweet and the writers work it into their storylines to turn the AEW women’s division into Miyagi-do vs Cobra Kai.

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